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Help! FSWiki under spambot attack

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It's happening right now. Even as I'm trying to get rid of the accounts/articles they created, new ones are generated. Any other admin online that could help?

Were registrations opened back up in the server move? Should probably fix that.

Not on purpose. I assume we've been hacked.

I checked the last 3500(!) recent changes and found out that all those edits were spambot account creations, spam article creations, or me doing cleanup. And they just keep coming. This is above my head.

[EDIT]Normal wiki browsing has been compromised too. There's a long "debug" log that starts roughly from the center of the page, and there are images and some templates missing. The Apollo article for example is a complete mess.

Yeah, things are getting kind of bad on the wiki. long nonsense spoiled strings of debug data and what not.

Those errors look a lot like the stuff we saw after the server move and the user creation page is publicly accessible. Did someone revert one of the fixes that were applied after the move? I thought it worked fine after Goober reinstalled the wiki.


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