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Post-spam wiki acceptance testing

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Everyone who is an active user or editor of the wiki, please check to see that nothing was inadvertently deleted in the spam purge.

The procedure I used was supposed to only delete spam users and any revisions they made, but it's possible that something went wrong, so I need everyone to tell me if they see anything amiss.

One thing I noticed just recently is the Community Portal page.  Did that have text on it previously?

EDIT: According to Discord, it did.  I'm re-running a modified de-spamming procedure.

EDIT2: The page still exists in the database, but the link doesn't work.  Investigating.

It seems as though one of pages doesn't have the 'p' in portal capitalized?

This link seems to be the correct page:

The first-level problem was the difference in case, as you noticed, but digging more deeply, the MediaWiki default URL was different from our actual URL.  It's possible to override the default by using a custom metadata page, but this page was deleted in 2007 as being unnecessary.  Not sure how it worked from 2007 to 2017; maybe the default changed when the MediaWiki engine was upgraded. :confused:  This also doesn't explain why our page's URL was different from the default in the first place. :confused:

Anyway, I restored the old metadata page, and the link works now.

Aside from the "missing thumbnail" errors, various other images are now missing entirely without that error.

- User Made ships for instance ( is missing all the small icons.
- some ship pages still have the error, such as ...
- ...while this one shows no thumbnail-error but still no image

Well, this thread was supposed to be specifically about spam, but since that appears to be solved, we can make it about the thumbnails too.

The thumbnail issues should be fixed, per the news post.  Take another look now.


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