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If anyone wants to help out in the wiki but isn't sure where to start, take a look at Special pages for suggestions.

[*] Orphaned pages are likely to go unnoticed.  Some of them are redirects and therefore don't need to be linked from anywhere.  But some of them could be linked from other pages.  For example, it would be good to create a page linking the five short stories commissioned by Interplay to promote FS1.

[*] Short pages or Stubs could be expanded.  (Or if a Stub isn't a Stub anymore, remove the Stub category link.)

[*] Wanted pages are pages that have links but no content.  They might need to be created (even as Stubs) or they might be mistakes where a different link (or a redirect) would work better.

I think several of the Stubs could be merged with other articles, so that the info isn't spread over several pages. For example, there's the article Tiigran-Merisst, a new species from the sadly defunct Teeth of the Tiger campaign - so I doubt that this article will ever be filled with much info, but it could be added to the TotT-demo article.

Speaking of that, most campaign articles are horribly outdated, for example MT, ED and BWO are still considered alive, despite having been declared dead on the forum (with last-edit around 2009-11). For the HLP-hosted campaigns, maybe somebody could contact the project leaders whether they want to have a wiki-presence? Exile and SG for example don't have one.

Feel like doing any of that yourself?  If you don't have a wiki account, I can create one for you.

Merging stuff might be a bit hard, updating campaign status shouldn't be.

Disorphaned pages
Portal: FRED - FRED Troubleshooting -
Portal: FS Universe -
Portal: FRED - SEXPs -
Portal: FRED - See Also -
Cutscene.tbl - added the cutscene flags, didn't knew where to put it, but it seems fitting there.
Turned into a proper Disambiguation-page -
User-made weapons:

Dead website stub -
Still used? -
Could be deleted or added as example to the main tbl -
Unreleased ship with no further info -
Nobody uses it -

-Template articles of a dead campaign:

-Probably outdated and part of the main INF article:

-Disambugation page that has exactly as much info as the "Campaign Walkthrough"-category. Could replace the link to the category on the main wiki page or get deleted.

Somebody pls look at the scripting examples - it'd surprise me if a single of them is still working.

Stuff that looks like it could be added to the "Development Reference" on the main page:


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