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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Finally got timestamps up on Blighted. Huge thanks to Mito for all the work. I had to trim down and rearrange some things because of the 5000 character limit on YouTube descriptions, but I think it worked out. I have a few more batches of Mito's timestamps for videos to put up, but time is limited even before Monday. Please bear with me.

This was almost as much fun to rewatch (in almost its entirety) as it was to play. I really should do more Blighted mini-streams.

Some minor bad news:  The new MVPs release (4.6.6) causes problems with fighting Osiris bombers on FSO 22.0 (in short, hull shots rarely register). 

I can't really say this without spoilers so I'll try to minimize fight Vasudans at least once in TBG (though I won't say the plot reasons why).  So this could cause problems. 

However, a silver lining I found is that I tried 22.2 RC8 (with MVPs 4.6.6)...and that fixed the problem.

So for TBG we have three choices:

1-Play TBG using the previous version of MVPs (4.6.5) with FSO 22.0 (I don't know about this since you usually like to use the newest stuff)

2-Play TBG with MVPs 4.6.6 and FSO 22.2 RC8 (I would do another test run with this) (I think you've said in the past you don't like nightlies but how do you feel about RCs?)

3-Play TBG with current MVPs (4.6.6) and FSO 22.2 official (I would do another test run with this)

If it's option #2 or #3, let me know which one and I'll do another test playthrough of TBG to make sure that even though the Osiris issue is fixed...that there aren't other new problems.

22.2 Stable is out, so go ahead and try that test environment. I don't intend to upgrade to any nightlies or RCs at this time, so find a version of MVPs that work on 22.2 stable and I'll use that.

I hope people will come out to see Kehra tomorrow! She promises a big surprise that she won't even tell me, so maybe I've finally convinced her to start her VTuber career or something. Let's come give her lots of support, yeah?

Also, a reminder that this Sunday I won't be doing FreeSpace, but will be taking a breather to stream a different game. I promise I'll come right back to FreeSpace after this little reprieve, and I hope you'll all still come out and support the channel!

I don't know if the newest or latest MVPS will have an impact visually since TBG rarely uses MVPS assets. Practically, TBG uses its own assets (models) except for Shivan assets, the Deimos, and some Vasudan bombers... and the support ship.

EDIT: I recommend using  FSO 22.0 and MVPS 4.6.5.


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