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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Glad to hear you're doing okay  :yes:

The month of spooky begins!

Daft Mugi:
Hi Joe,

I got back into playing FreeSpace this year after many, many years, so I've enjoyed and had a lot of fun watching your FreeSpace stream. I haven't always been there to watch it live, but I usually catch up later.

At the very end of your Amnesia stream today, I asked if you liked to play Thief and said there were some spooky fan missions.

Here are my recommendations for Spooktober:

* A Night In Rocksbourg 3: Ink & Dust - It's horror and bizarre. (Note: Download page has it just as "Ink and dust". By DrK.)
* Rose Cottage - It's spooky with a haunted house feel. (By Saturnine.)
* Deceptive Perception 2: Phantasmagoria - It's spooky and comical at times. (By William the Taffer & Yandros.)
These can be downloaded from

To patch Thief 2, use T2Fix found at

To have correct gamma/brightness for streaming, make sure "d3d_disp_sw_cc" in enabled/uncommented in your Thief cam_ext.cfg config file.

If you decide to play these, feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have.

Looking forward to more Amnesia next week!


Thanks for the support Daft Mugi! Glad to have another awesome fan, and so happy to have another FreeSpace enthusiast! These HLP guys sure know how to keep the spark of fandom alive.

I don't have Thief 2, but I can look into it if people think the content would be sufficiently spooky. I'm also looking into the best way to get my hands on F.E.A.R. again, but it only comes in a bundle with all the games from both the original developers and the publishers (at least I think that's the two involved parties). My understanding is that Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate are the "proper" sequels. It's only $8.50 for 6 games until October 6th, so it may be worth getting. I'm suspicious of how viable the "Ultimate Shooter Edition" on G2A is given it seems to be a package no longer supported on Steam.

After some spoiler-free peeking at remaining "Acts" and "areas/sections" by room name in a Walkthrough table of contents, it seems that I may be roughly 1/3 of the way through Amnesia already, so I probably have 2 more streams worth of it. I want to be sure I have something to follow-up with though, so I'd like people to try to agree on what they think would be a good follow-up to Amnesia. I know it's a hard act to follow, being my gold standard for good horror, but I believe in you guys!

Daft Mugi:
Have you looked for these games on GOG? They have F.E.A.R. I'm not sure how different that may be from what you're already looking at, though.

Thief Gold and Thief 2 are currently on sale at GOG for $0.97 each. The fan missions for both are amazing. When I first played Amnesia, I felt that Thief must have influenced its design.

By the way, does your copy of Amnesia come with the expansion "Justine"? That's quite good. And... it uhhh... sorry Joe, but I think it may have a scarier water sequence than the one you completed today - the one that made you quit before. :eek: So, maybe more Amnesia?


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