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Re: Stories of the Fringe - Tachyon Fiction

“The Border Wars: Brewing Storm”
IK Stryder

It had been brewing for months now. Each day more and more ships massed on the Iconian - Firestorm border. The tension was so thick you needed a plastorch to cut it. Darth Knight Stryder, Winglead of 2 Flight of the Red Scorpions, finished his pre-flight before take-off. As climbed into his @#%$pit he gave his wingman, Guy, two thumbs up.

Their job was to patrol the border near the Central Vega TCG. By High Command calculations, this was the optimal point for a Firestorm attack. "Rivan Command this is Baker Flight prepped and ready for take off" Stryder said. "Roger that Bake Flight you are cleared for take off" answered the Flight Officer in the tower above the hangar. Stryder felt himself pushed back into his chair as his Pegasus fighter accelerated out of the hangar bay and into space. Guy hailed the returning patrol pair "Hey guys, seen any Fly Swatters around today?". "Negative on that Guy, no uglies today." "Damn" Guy replied, he was one of the newer pilots just itching for action. "Knock that chatter off pilots, we got a patrol to start. Guy, fall in on my wing and lets go check out the 'roids by the gate." Stryder was nervous, scuttlebutt was that something major was about to happen but nobody knew what.

Baker Flight locked onto the nav bouy by the asteroid belt and leisurely cruised towards it. While enroute they did the usual, scan incoming freighters and keep a watch out for anything suspicous. "Hey Stryder man, you ever fight any of these Fire Storm guys before?" a nervous Guy asked. "Once or twice near the Pioneer Sectors, they got numbers on us and watch out for missiles, there'll be plenty of them." Like most Knights, Stryder and Guy mounted Torpedoes instead of missiles. "Ok we're at 20 klicks and closing, see anything out there?" Stryder asked. "No nothing really, but that doesnt suprise me, you could hide a flight of Archangels anywhere in those asteroids and you wouldnt be able to tell until you were right on them." Guy drawled out. Both of them had been in the Red Scorpions long enough to know the tricks about where to hide.
Deep Inside the Asteroid Belt:

Commander Fontanez gazed out of the viewport of his RC-Orion. This Orion looked similar to any other, but inside it was heavily modified. "I wonder how close they'll come, ah well, their only Knights, I am backed up by the might of the Fire Storm Navy." he thought to himself. He had been out in this sector for two days now gatherin intelligence on Iconian fleet movements and dispositions. As soon as this patrol turned away he would make a break for the gate back to Fire Storm space. Baker Patrol

"Hey Guy, you see that Glint over there?" Stryder asked. "Where?" said Guy. "Over there next to that big hollow 'roid." Stryder drawled. Guy noticed that the more excited Stryder got the thicker his New Dixie accent got. "Yeah I see it, I'm not picking it up on my scanners though, what do you make of it?" "I dunno Guy, but lets go in for a closer look, partial burn and be ready to open fire on my mark" Stryder ordered. "Roger that Lead, on your wing" replied Guy.
Fire Storm Recon

"Dammit. Theyre coming right for me" Fontanez silently cursed. He powered up his ship and selected swarm missiles out of his fightes bay. The secondary missile bay had been converted to hold surveillance equipment, much to his regret. Before either of the Iconian fighters could react Fontanez had engaged his boosters and zoomed past both of them.

"Holy ****, thats a FS ship isnt it!?" yelled Guy. Stryder spoke into his mic "Jesus it is, looks like a recon ship, see the towed array behind it?" Just then Guy's threat indicator lit up like a Christmas Tree as two volleys of swarms were launched his way. "Cover my 6 lead, I've got missiles inbound." "Roger Guy, I got you" mumbled Stryder. He brought up the Fleet Comm band and warned them about the intruder.

"Yes Im going to make it!" Fontanez thought joyfully. He was only 32km away from the gate and nothing stood between it and him except the on Pegasus that he hand shot missiles at.

"Unidentified Hostile Ship, this is Darth Knight Stryder, you are in Iconian Space, power down or be destroyed." Stryder ordered. He switched from linked lasers to dual fire Blast Torpedoes, this ugly wasnt about to get away.

" Damaged.." Fontanez hoped the ploy would by him enough time to get to the gate. "Power Down or I will be forced to shoot" came the order again. Damn, didnt work. All of a sudden Fontanez found his ship enveloped in the blast of a pair of advanced torpedoes. Alarms began screaming everywhere, red lights and black lights were all that were showing. His hull indicator glowed a sickly black and his shields were but small red smudges around it. "Come on...two more kilometers! Hold together you piece of scrap!" Fontanez began praying to every god he'd ever heard about for his ship to hold together long enough to make the jump.

"Guy he's going to get to the gate, are you close enough to intercept?" barked Stryder. "Negative on that one lead, my engines are out, Riva Station has sent a Rescue vehicle. "Baldurs balls!" cursed Stryder. He switched to lasers and watched his hud indicator roll down the numbers, at 7 kilometers his LTA lit up and he squeezed of several bursts.

Red bolts of laser fire surrouned Fontanez ship, he engaged a slide and started spinning his ship on its axis. As he looked behind him he saw one deadly trio of bolts about to close on him...and then..nothing but the blue and white streaks of a Tachyon jump. He'd made it through, although if his ship survived landing it'd be a miracle. As he came out of the gate he was greated by the sight of two Fire Storm Destroyers guarding their side of the gate. "Destroyer Hamilcar this is Commander Fonatanez requesting landing clearance." "Welcome back Commander, your cleared to land in Bay 12." came the techs warm reply. "Prepare an emergency crew, I dont know if my ship will hold together after landing." he cautioned. "Yessir Commander, teams have already been dispatched. General Reptilian sends his greetings also." came the reply. Fontanez landed but he and the rest of Fire Storm were in for a nasty suprise.
Iconian Battlestation Riva

"What do you mean you two let him get away!" bellowed Lord Caleb, the station commander. "I'm sorry sir, but he got the jump on us and was gone before we knew it. I almost had him sir but he jumped before I could kill him." Stryder replied, Guy was in Sickbay for a checkup after he went EV. "Pilot, don't you know that almost only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades!?" came the angry growl from Caleb. Stryder gulped, this was going to be a long tour...

“The Border Wars: Death's Head”
IK Stryder

The Border Wars: Death's Head, by IK Stryder

Colonel Fendi, watched through the port of his Archangel as the convoy made their second jump through the Gemini TCG Gate. His Squadron, the Hellhawks, was to escort this convoy to the main FireStorm base in Alpha Sector. Reptilian clicked on his comm.

"Colonel, sir, we've almost finished the escort, what are we doing afterwards?"

"Well Reptilian, I think we have one week of liberty before we get transferred to the Pioneer Sector." Fendi replied.

"Thats good sir, we could use the break. Those clottin' Knights are no good, trying to take the Border Zone without our approval."

"I agree, don't worry, under the leadership of Phoenix, along with these new systems for our fighters, we shall make the Idiot Knights pay for our past humiliations." Fendi chuckled at the thought.

Word had spread like wildfire through the Fire Storm forces of Commander Fontanez herioc escape from an ambush of two squadrons of IK Pegasi and a cruiser. He was made an official Hero of Fire Storm by General Phoenix himself. Just one more in a long line of humiliations we're going to payback, Fendi thought to himself.

The Geminii system was unremarkable, only two gas giants and an asteroid field from an unformed planet. Fire Storm forces used this as a back door to get sensitive cargo through without Iconian spies knowing about it.

As he came out of the jump Col. Fendi looked over the 6 heavy freighters in the convoy. Each one carried with it a new hope for FS, special engine plants and thruster mounts to make their fighters faster and more manueverable. Each freighter carried enough to outfit half a squadron of Archangels and Poiseidons. After evaluation was complete, they'd be used to break the back of the Iconian Knights permanently.

"Freighter Bigsby to Colonel Fendi, we are approaching the asteroid field, one more jump and we're home." The Captain said to him.

"Roger that Bigsby, assuming formation by flights." Fendi replied. "Hellhawks, form up by flights, 1 and 3 flight take overhead, 2 flight take dorsal." He ordered.

Unknown to the FireStorm convoy, Death was approaching. Death comes swiftly in the Fringe, but nothing quite matched the brand that the Death's Heads used. Their fighters we're the fastest and packed unmatcheable superweapons backed up with super recharging shields. The came as a flight of 6 Pegasus fighters, all painted black, except one. The Lead fighter was painted blood red, and inscribed on each wing was "Death Walks Among You." They we're approaching the convoy swiftly now, only 30 km from the edge of the field.

"Escort Lead, this is the Bigsby, I'm picking up some unusual power signatures from the field, do we have any ships in there?"

"Negative Bigsby, sending 2 flight to investigate." Fendi said, then over the squadron channel "2 flight, go to the edge of the field and see what those signatures are, probably just some high iron roid fouling things up." he ordered. Freighter captains were always so jumpy about things. He couldnt blame them of course. Being in those unarmed tubs was a quick way to end up dead.

"Lead this is 2 Flight, nothing yet." Reptilian said. The three other fighters around him kept radio silence, as was dictated by protocol. "Approaching the edge of the...WHAT THE..."

"HELP WE NEED HEL...*static*." came the last words of Leutenant J. G. Reptilian.

"ALL FIRE STORM FORCES, RED ALERT WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" Yelled Fendi. "Bigsby, contact base for help, we will engage. "Roger that Colonel, good luck!"

The Death's Heads had come in hard and fast. The first 4 Fire Storm Archangels we're annihlated in seconds by high energy laser fire, the infamous "One Shot, One Kill" weapons they employed. Death's Head lead was monitoring the FireStorm frequency and moved to destroy the Bigsby. He targeted her comm array on the port side of the bridge and slagged it with a volley of torpedoes. He brought up the main laser, targeted the bridge, and slagged it.

"Dragon Base this is the Bigs......" were the only words recieved by the base. "

"Must be a Solar Flare blocking communications again" the Comm Tech said to his partner.

"Yeah well, you know orders. File a report and let the Bigwigs take care of it." His partner said.

The comm tech shrugged to himself and filed it away in his systems and went back to looking at the new images from Cyber Hustler.

Colonel Fendi looked at his screen in horror as the 6 red blips on his screen slaughtered his 12 fighters and the 6 freighters they were supposed to have protected we blipping out of existence. He brought up his dual swarm launchers, linked them, and targeted the nearest enemy fighter. "I have you now slagger!" he yelled, and squeezed off two volleys. He gazed in satisfaction as the missiles came right up behind the fighter and then...BAM! The fighter was gone, but not killed. It had taken off at 6,000 SLU's! "But thats impossible." he muttered to himself.

"Colonel, its only you and me" a young Cadet from 3 flight said.

"Ok Cadet, lets see if we can break for the asteroid field and lose them there." Fendi drawled out. Even facing death, he never lost his pilots cool.

The last of the freighters went up in an explosion...

[Editors note - seems the content was cut off here]

“The Border Wars: Phoenix Flame”
IK Stryder

General Phoenix paced the deck of his command carrier, the USF Trinity impatiently awaiting the report from the head of FireStorm Intelligence, Commander Fontanez.

“Sir, I’ve got an Eyes Only message coming in for you” a tech at the bridge communication desk said.

“Patch it through to my personal chambers, I shall take it there” Phoenix commanded. He strode from the Captains Walk to the secured grav lift that would take him to his personal chambers in an armored alcove behind the bridge.

As he entered the suite he gazed around at the lavish chambers. “Such is are the perks of superior leadership.” He mumbled to himself. He glanced at the holo-projector and placed his thumb on the panel for a DNA scan.

Phoenix looked into the camera and casually said “Go ahead Commander, what do you have to report?"

“My General, I have much to report.” Fontanez replied, proper and dignified as always. “The Iconians continue to mass their forces near the Demilitarized Zone. I am transmitting current fleet strengths along with squadrons assigned to each base and ship. Except for the disappearance of one squadron, we have nothing unusual to report.”

“The loss of one entire squadron is hardly what I would call ‘usual’ Commander, what happened?” the calm of the statement took Fontanez back.

“My General, it appears that once again the Death’s Head squadron has struck our forces in a cowardly ambush in our own system! They were escorting a convoy from Research and Development in the Gemini system when they were attacked and wiped out to the last man.”

“What exactly was the convoy carrying commander?”

Fontanez took a hard swallow “Well sir, it was uh.. carrying the new modification kits that were to be tested this week for our fighters…” he stammered.

Phoenix raked an icy gaze over him and settled down onto his chair. “So let me get this straight, you, as chief of Intelligence, have no idea who these “pirates” were, what they were flying, or why they attacked?” his voice chilled the very air around him.

Fontanez looked at him nervously “Yes sir, that’s correct.”

“Commander, you are one of my best officers. Find out who these ‘pirates’ were, who sent them, and where we can find them. If you don’t, it will be your head. Do you understand me?” he asked.

“Yes my General, I shall do as you command” Fontanez managed to get out, he was glad they were communicating by holo, he enjoyed living.

“Now tell me, are our forces in their positions to attack the Iconians?” Phoenix asked.

“Sir, both the fleets of Fire Storm and the Phoenician Republic are in position and ready to attack.”

“When will the rest of the USF be in position to attack?”

“A few more hours my General.”

“Excellent, we shall crush the Iconian scum with one fell swoop! Ah, sweet revenge, how wonderful shall it be! They’ve had this coming for a long time, and it shall be I who leads our forces to everlasting glory!” Phoenix smiled a feral grin. It was widely known that he’d been humiliated by the Iconian Knights more than once in small skirmishes, tournaments, and one on one fights. Rumor had it that he almost killed the leader of the Knights himself, but he had run out of missiles and chose to flee. Dark Overlord Decon Frost had a field day with the vids from that and had them sent to TIS almost as soon as the affair was over. The jibes and jeers Phoenix got from all his peers still turned him red when he thought about it.

“That’s all Commander, thank you. Our forces shall strike in seven hours.” He waved Fontanez off.

“Yes sire, as you order.” Fontanez blanked the comm. on his side, slid down in his chair, and sighed. Hopefully we’ll have the Iconians beat in a matter of days, otherwise this is going to be a long war, he thought to himself.

“Woohoo Guy I’m still ahead of you!” Stryder yelled.

“Not for long you aint!’ guy replied and kicked in his thrusters and raced ahead of Stryder.

“Man, I’ve been ahead of you since Alpha Star base, come on! Admit it, I got you beat!”

“Never! Im going to beat you back to Andromeda.” Guy smiled to himself, he and Stryder had a very friendly rivalry going.

“Ha! Welcome to the Iconian Knights, travel the Galaxy, get promoted to Lord, and get stuck babysitting a bunch of newbies!” Stryder qued in over the comm. He and Guy and the rest of the Red Scorpions had been sent to Andromeda base to act as flight instructors for the newest cadre of recruits. Cybersnipe wasn’t exactly thrilled about it, but it put them next to Andromeda Prime, one short hop down the well and they were in paradise. Guy and Stryder had taken their Pegasus fighters out for a spin to break the monotony of waiting for the new pilot trainees to arrive.

“How many do we have coming in this time?” Stryder asked

“I dunno, 60 maybe? Their sposed to be replacements to help bring us and the Ghost Riders up to strength, the rest will be used to form three new squadrons based here.” Guy replied.

“Sheesh, promote ya to Lord and all of a sudden your babysitting newbies. Great. Ah well, here’s the gate for home! Eat my exhaust Guy!” Stryder yelled as he boosted through the gate.”

“@#%$.” Guy said.
*Andromeda Base*

“Red Scorpions 2 and 3 requesting landing clearance Andromeda.” Stryder drawled out.

“Stryder this is Andromeda, you’ve got clearance for Pad 3, hangar 2. Oh by the way, you’ve got two visitors waiting for you on the Pad when you arrive.” The tech chuckled to himself.

“Visitors you say? Well I guess we’ll have to see who they are wont we? Oh yeah, and Guy, don’t think this gets you out of the drinks you owe me at the bar for beating you either.”

“Hahaha! Yeah Stry, whatever you say man.” Guy Barked.

Stryder took his Pegasus in and did a perfect landing. As his cockpit opened around him he gazed at two familiar figures on the pad and sat there in shock…

True power comes not from strength, but from the soul and imagination.
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Re: Stories of the Fringe - Tachyon Fiction

“Tachyon 2: The Story”
Mossman 2

Chapter 1

I do not know about the rest of you, but when the bora were taking the one way gate trip what if three of there(i like to think of them as space colonizers) did not come out of Tachyon drive, what if they (this is going to sound wierd) accedentaly activated the drive twice and made an Alpha Tachyon gate(Alpha Tachyon: About six million times faster than a Tachyon, by the way tachyons are menioned in the manual ) any way they travel about six million times further away from SOL then the original Bora and when they find a way to communicate back to the other seven bora space colonizers they learn that all is well and decide to stay where they are and in the year ----(you decide i think it would be about 2615) they would make another attemt to contact and maybe send out about five of there E class destroyers when they emerge from the white gate (Not Blue)they find that the base they contacted only minutes before was destroyed by Oberon (the one that bought GalSpan)destroyers and fighters. when they had noticed that they had been watched they began attacking the three Bora Destroyers. as soon as that happened the destroyers took the offensive they began launching missiles that Oberon had never seen and as soon as they hit would never see again the missiles could not only track they also had an antenna as the point. the antenna could obsorball of a ships shield energy and use it to disable electronic system and over half the shield energy would go to the warhead almost completly destroying a cap ship. as soon as the first four had hit two cap ships, five destroyers from bora(the orginal)had jumped in from the Frontier region only to find there base in ruins and eight oberon ships nearly destroyed they asked of the tree destroyers of thier alliegance and when the admiral answered he said: "We Are The Boran Avengers" Admiral Moss Said Uneasily the captain of the outher ship said "welcome to bora space." As news Spread Jake Heard that freedom base had been destroyed. and he soon recieved a communication that the Bora Needed Him. the next day he recieved a communication from oberon saying that they needed him.

*Additional Statistics*
Length:20ft. total,11Ft. rod, 5Ft.main drive , 4 ft. warhead
height: including lauch rod 25Ft.
Uses:main defence for cap ships
also used as long range security net(missile fields)
fired from 1g planet 8,000 SLU
fired from 0g asteroid and such 12,000 SLU

Missile Fields: normaly used on asteroids and planetoids. they would cover the entire surface of an object in space or on a planet also used for gloal defence project originated in SOL after many failures project was abandoned all files vanished in the year 2377 one year before Bora left SOL.
Target class: Cap Ships, Space Stations,and very large Shuttles
Manuverebility:3 of 10 very bad
Speed:6,000 SLU in 5 min.

Mission 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2

As Jake Woke from his long knights sleep in a new vagas hotel room, he heard his name over the room's intercom and the person speaking to him told him to come to the docking bay as he was leaving he was grabbed and pulled into the next room the person said

he responded
"Yeah and who are you"
"it's me jake, Anna"
"what are you doing here"
"you were just called to the docking bay weren't you?"
"yeah why"
"you were called there by oberon they want to assinate you"
"because they know you are a supporter of the Bora, and the bora are about to be engaged in warfare by Oberon come on, my mace is in the hangar."
"why don't we take my claymore ive got some tracking missile's and lasers on it"
"what kind of missiles?"
"well then let's go"

Here is your first mission: You must safely get to the Bora megagate, in case anyone is wondering the new gate is in farsight then after flying through the mega-gate you must dock with the Boran Avengers Destroyer Venture and thats it. At that time Veture opens the Alpha Tachyon Gate Warps Out of there.

Mission 2: The Missing Link

While comming out of the gate Jake is amazed by what the Boran Avengers have managed to do with only what they brought with them. there was a moon base that they were to land on, Jake not yet exited the cockpit of his bomber when...... KABOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM the main engine drive had been destroyed do to an over-heating in the engine room. and he heard over the intercom that he need to retrieve a part or two from the moon base, when you retrieve the part three engineers enter through the hatch and tell you take them to the docking bay but when you undock, a laser streaks by your @#%$pit, it's a demon pirate's ship but a special turrent fires at it and disables it, you are ordered to target it, and designate it for ease in towing it in(not by you). then you have to dock and drop off the part, as you do you discover why the "pirate" was there and fired on you, turns out that the crazy demon pirates were found by these people and toght the demons how to activate the Alpha Tachyon Drive and proposed that they would help each other. and that demon had never seen a claymore before and thought you might be an enemy kind of person. mission completed.

Mission 3: Ice

As Jake checked the Job Board for the moon base he sighted a particularly interesting job with a high pay off. for quite some time it has been known that Star Patrol would take Prisoners to the outer limits of the fringe, sometimes in Boran Avengers Space and for quite some time the avengers would attack the ships, and star patrol normaly would try to follow and destroy them, well the avengers would like you to lead a quest to disable one of the Star Patrol cruisers, to do this you must knock out all four of there engine powerplants. and then destory the weopons powerplant, or in any order you like. but this time you are flying an avenger flying wing armed with advanced shielding and a radar jammer it is armed to the teeth with lasers and a new weopon that they are trying out for the first time. it is a plasma projector, it lanches(annother weird thing) solid plasma. as you start out the controls are a little different then what you're use to. your lasers fail only leaving you with the plasma projector. much to your surprise it works fine after you destroy the five different powerplants you uncloak to find yourself being engaged, by lasers only, by a star patrol enforcer you are told to high tale it to the ice fields two jimps away, you comply and all along the way the star patrol enforcer follows you but when you get to the ice fields the enforcer is engaged by nearlyy a hundered very very very small fighters which you have never seen before, each was about 15 feet long 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall each had two laser cannons and one emp cannon, all were firing the emp. you are told to land at the ice fields star base. where you are GIVEN the STAR PATROL ENFORCER, without weopons.
Mission complete.

Mission 4: Independence Day

Oberon has taken control of New Gaia colony sector but has not taken control of the starbase that is there. You emerge from the gate in the Bora region to find two Cap Ships and about twelve different assorted fighters, you are flying an Enforcer armed with the Plasma Projector, Two Boran Avenger class Heavy Mining Lassers, 4 Swarm Missile packs, and two Alpha-Delta class Aurora Missile(less powerful than the orginal, but still packs a big punch)and you are off to save New Gaia, and return its independence. when you are done blasting everybody away you are ordered to go to the Twilight Region.

Mission 5: Stealth Shipyards

As You went into the Swarm Sector You noticed a bright flash and there was the stealth shipyards they gave you clearance to land and you told them that you wanted to get your Enforcer refitted, and have a higher maximum speed and that you would like to buy some of there special ships that they had designed. As they told you it would take a while they offer you use of a redesigned Mako when all of the sudden there energy crystal ran down and exploded. they told you that you were the only star pilot on board who could fly a small craft, aside from having to find a special crystal in far space sector but you also have to find a crate of tools, a crate of oxygen tanks, and a crate of credits for the new purchase all crates are within 8 SLU of the shipyards. when all is done you dock at the station and buy what you want(for fun i'm buying an Oberon Eagle.). Then you are to go back to the bora avengers region on your way there you run into an abandoned GalSpan Carrier and inform the avengers of this. you are then ordered to land on the Carrier and wait for an Avengers Cruiser to get there. when it does it pulls it through the Alps Tachyon gate. The Carrier Your New Main Base!

Mission 6: The Zues

As you walk around the newly restored Zues you remember the year before(why not)when this Carrrier had almost destroyed you and terminated the lives of thousands of Bora wHEN YOU HEAR over the com system that you are to report to the bridge of the Zues. Susan Bradley was on the Long-range Tach Band saying that they had lost a group of Mace and warhammer flight in Fury sector. the Zues goes into hyper-space straight into the middle of the battle. and the zues's main weopons powerplant was still off-line. so you have to aid in the effort and destroy the attacking ships with the help of a few new wingmen which are as the following: commander Wyvern, commander pheonix, and Commander ------- logs are scratched oh here is a callsign, mossman2. all are going to fly in star patrol enforcers, you are in lead. as you take off you see 16 nighthawks and you all split in different dirrections as you go into afterburners you head up. where you slide in there dirrection and power up your lasers. they are still roughly three SLU away and as you let lose the first couple of rounds you hit the shields of DC3(one of the nighthawks) and then you let lose all of the energy weopons that you have and destroy tree nighthawks but DC2 is still there and he lets lose two swarms. at that point you afterburn straight toward him and he breaks off his aproach relising that your weopons systems are failing you call for help and in that instant three warhammers and 5 maces appear behind the enemy and blast him away. after that yall all return to new vagas for some non-alchaholic drinks(why kill yourself when you can have a dr. pepper?) and watch the Fenris Arena Fights.

Mission 7: Lantern

The lights Flickered on as you woke up from a long nights sleep, as you yawned you noticed a droid present, it was an M.P.U.D. Multi-Purpose-Utility-Droid, it played a holographic message from Commander Alberian Obulo of Star Patrol, he said there was a load of supplies on the Dillenger Starbase in SOL that Star Patrol needed, and if you accepted, you would have to make the run in a Star Patrol J-5 Eagle, natrauly you jump at the chance. as you jump to SOL you notice that they have been rebuilding Haley Station and they give you a warm welcome, anyway when you reach Luna Sector the base is cut in half with a weapon you have never seen before, and when all is done the weapon is in a crate which you pick up at that point star patrol shows up, You're old friends and you must make it to Zues before they destroy you, Zues is in Earth sector two jumps away when all is done you find out that the weapon is the lantern system the most feared weopon by star bases for recovering such a weapon you get a larger sum of pay, you get the Eagle, and two new ships and a wingman are now up for buy.

Lantern System: Basically a very high powered laser that will spin on a tripod and destroy a star base from the inside out, this is a special project find.

Mission 8: Navicom

As you head into the fenris arena in your newly bought Omega battle craft you see the nav bouys that you are to activate do to a navicom problem, you also see the other four attack craft that you will soon fight, as you activate the last bouy the Silver Knight, one of the Boran Avenger's newest Carriers, jumps in and prepares to watch the fights, you are going up against a mako, a poseidon, a battle axe, and a red pirates shrike, all against each other and your omega battle craft. when you are done withthe local newbie expierienced battle craft you are rewarded with a navicom computer system and 1,000 credits the Navicom is yet another one of your major project components on your way to the Silver Knight You notice a crate on your radar and decide to take a closer look, its the ellusive 35x Combat Laser, so when you take it to the carrier its design is closely studied and then coppied, after that you install it on your Omega Battle craft.

Mission 9: Ripstar Run

As you opened the door of your qaurters on the Zues you see Samantha Crawly, your ol' friend from Mars, she is impressed by how well restored the Zues is, and when she finds out that it is operational, and a base in wartime effort she is amazed. anyway yall take a tour of the shipbay , relising that you were involved and on the boran avengers side she decides to quite oberon. and when Susan and Anna find that they have a former Oberon employe on board they wish to question her. anyway since this is getting boring i will move on to the mission.

Alright you are in Ripstar Region and you need to get some technology from a former galspan station. the Canopas Research Station witch is still inhabited by former Spanners they are unhappy but willing to turn over the information after a few threats of destruction and a small display on a cruiser(an Alpha Omega class Aurora missle) once you have the info you are engaged by three Oberon Pheonixes. With two Alpha-Omega class missiles on board(before you fired the first shot) you only had enough room for a light laser. you are ordered to go to the Draconis Ripstar Fields. fearing death you comply and burn for the field where Samantha, and members From the Raven wing Sqaudron hiding behind the gate waiting for the Corpers to fly through. as they do a few shots of Swarm missiles, Plasma, and energy completly destroy them. after that you wait for the Zues and Strike up a conversation with Samantha and Raven Wing. After that tthe Zues says it is low on energy and needs you to collect a ripstar crystal, this time you have advanced shielding and an automatic laterial thrust unit. so shouldn't be to hard the crystal is in the first patch of ripstars that comes up. the data contain info on how to get unlimited and unending power from a KC-2 crystal. The Ripstar Crystal.

Mission 10: The Postman

You are at Alpha stations monthly "junk sale" when you see quite an interesting droid much like R2-D2 in an old Star Wars Movie you saw, episode 9 it was being shown as an exibit of an old peoples vision of the future(the video, not the droid.). and you decide to buy the droid for the amount of 352 credits , not a bad price actauly, considering the droids state of disrepair, and you take it to a droid repair shop and it cost 50 credits for the new battery and recharge kit, and the repair costed 113 credits. anyway you now go on to the job board to find a way to pay for the new expenses totaling up to be515 credits when you see a semingly easy job called "the postman" the description mentioned the transfer of cargo and messages between the four barons, malakar, onrold, clancey, and -_--_ ahhhhhhh logs are scratched again. oh heres somewhat of a callsign(means he is not just a baron but a fighter pilot.) MyK(an alliegance)Crimson Raven(what used to be hajods space was split in two and renamed. for this mission you will fly a Boran Avengers Wasp, basicly the 15 by 2 by 5, with a feature i forgot to mention an area where the head would rise up from the original 5 ft by about 9 inches, not to bad of a place for a pilot to stick his head, shielding is minimal but hard to hit do to the crafts smallness, the upper area is made of two inches of glass that can, along with the rest of the hull, absorb electrical energy and the glass is bullet proof, the only sure way to take out one of these guys is with a missile. anyway it starts out with you at Alpha and you need to fly to the regional gate to the Frontier sector where you are confronted by Oberon and decide to fly to Ravens sector being the closest and all. Raven and his people decide to destroy the Corper and you land at his dock where you recieve the first package and message. note: all tachban equitment has broken and the barons want a non-affilated person to be "The Postman" anyway it goes on and on till you deliver all packages and messages, and when you are heading back Home you are again encountered by oberon this time by two Oberon Delta light fighters, at which point you send out a call for help. Ravens tachban which was fixed about two minutes after you left for the other barons. and he picked up the call and 'personaly came out to teach those fighters a lesson. another note: i got confused when writing this, every baron gives you three packages and three notes to be delivered to the other three, stratagy collect all packages and then deliver them. interesting fact it was discovered how crazy hajod was and he was terminated also: the crates had the tachban equitment, thats why they needed someone non-affilated, each baron had the parts the other barons needed!!

Mission 11: The Trinity

After a long nites sleep you get up to the noice of R2-D2's alarm, when you ask of where you are the droid shows a Galactic map and job board(those are Holographs) and when you see a very interesting job called "the trinity" and notice that it is a patrol of some of the local sectors, the job is offered by the bora and do to this you must fly a mace and you must fly with two wingmen, hmmmm, both names are corroded but here are there callsigns General Phoenix, of Firestorm Sqaud, and mossman2 an independent pilot with no OFFICIAL affiliation, all will be flying maces, and patrolling, in your first sector, the New Vagas Sector yall see an Oberon Cap ship and attack at blinding speeds, with break neck turns. Note:standard armament is 2 Demois Heavy Laser, 8 salvos of Swarm Missiles, and a Modified 35X Laser. your "Team" takes out the Cap ship pretty quick and in the sector after the next you find a large Oberon Carrier, The Cinder and you are ordered to Disable it, so thats about four powerplant, a weapons generator and a sheild Generator at this point five GalSpan class Orions and one shuttle leave the ship, you are ordered to slag them all. After a scan of the ship they find no life forms other than those that just exited. at that point you here a distress call from the Bora Destroyer "Call Of Duty" it was being ambushed in the Fenris Arena by Two Oberon Cruisers and two GalSpan Phoenixes, yall get over there as fast as you can and destroy the phoenixes, and the cap ships relising that the "call of duty" was completly disabeled and decided to try and destroy "the trinity", there mistake, for they did not relise the Sheer force of a modified 35X Combat Laser. So you wait for the Zues to come and fix the Destroyer, so you go back to New Vagas and have some Dr. Peppers.

Mission 12: An Iron Wall

As you share some of your stories about when you where exiled with your "new" wingmen, Phoenix and mossman, yall decide to take a look at the job board and take a look at a mission called "An Iron Wall", apparently Oberon got some "non-standard"stuff from SOL and Bora wants to know what it is, for this mission you must use the moified Darkangel, with the mods, it is in a permanent state of radar blackout and is "coated" with a special floresent wire mesh that makes it invisible to both radar and visaul, for the mission you must penetrate deep into Oberon space and find four crates, the other two pilots will help when you find out what is in the crates radio it back to "mission control" and you will be told to beam it all aboard and after that you are told to destroy they're frigate all you have is the modified 35X Combat Laser, which is more than enough. and then you find out what it was, an info packet, two modified Armagedon lasers, and a Stealth device for large ships.

Mission 13: The Junkyard Mine

As you wake up from your long and Dreamless sleep you feel extremely bored. when you check to see what was going on in the Omega Starbase in Boran Avengers Space, you decide to check for the entertainment and hobby section. once you've lookedover the small list you sight something new, a shooting gallery. to you the only standard weapon was an CL-3 class laser. when you looked into it on the more info screen you found that they used guns that you have never heard of. two of them were the M-16 and an M-14. so you decide to take a look at it. you decide to try an M-14. when you squeezed the trigger of the sub-machine gun it produced a defening roar and sent a shot of adrenaline throughout your body. after about an hour,1000 rounds, and 700 direct hits later, you go take a look at the job board and see a mission called "The Junkyard Mine" as you look through the desciption you see a high payoff of over 20,000 credits. but the job sounds hard. supposedly there is a semi-hollow and very large meteor that has been contained by a gravitational shield and bora wants someone to blow it up. the rock must be blown up from the inside, you also must find it, not very easy, this is also a no wingman job, Oberon would also love to get their hands on it. for this job you are allowed use of a modified Claymore. it was modified to hold a special remote sapper, and a lot more of it. for this job you will need over twenty modified high explosive remote sappers. you start out one jump from the meteor. anyway after you blow it up oberon comes in one cap ship and about twenty fighters. you still have six R-sappers you are told to fire them at the Cap ship and run for the gate and when you are ten SLU from the gate the Sappers automaticly explode. then you are told to wait for the avengers minig recovery frigate to get there. the fighters were taken out when you destroyed their capship, they were remote controlled from the cap ship. anyway you retun to Omega Starbase and buy both an M-16, an M-14, and about 5,000 rounds of Ammo. not to bad. you also buy lunch for you and you're wingmen.

Mission 14: Supply Run

As you finish Firing a clip from your M-14 one of the persons working at that Gunrange notices your particular talent with an M-14. so after chatting up a storm with Vertigo you learn that he was one of the surviving three in the destruction of the Hephaestus. after hearing that he was a wingman for hire you decide to take him on as a second in command if i die he takes over kind of wingman, him being more expierienced then the others of coarse. As you are talking to Vertigo he tells you about a mission with a top-secret security clearence required(a gunrange operator has top-secret level security clearence, how peculiar). you of coarce fogot your password and forgot to go and see about getting it from the security office. apparently there is a flight of shuttle's that goes through the asteroid missile fields bi-weekly and drops alot of supplies such as food, water, oxygen, Tools, and ripstar fuel(a ripstar after it has been processed and refined) you are ordered to fly a shuttle for this mission. and your wingmen must protect you. howwever the shuttle was outfitted with four small turents and alot of electronic equitment, such as a long range scanner. any way the shuttle can fly to the location automaticly, and quite quickely, 900 SLU. anyway you control the turrents and the recovery of the crates which have been stashed inside an asteroid. you start 100 SLU from the asteroid when you get their you are attacked by three Makos and three Oberon Delta Class light fighters (i am running out of names) your wingmen take-on the makos first and you take on the corpers. your turrents act as an almost normal fighter except for the fact that you do not control where you go, you are also now moving at roughly 100 SLU's, a few of the asteroids were designed to take down small fighters with short range tiger missiles with a special surprise, some are also outfited with guided laser cannons (the asteroids)although they can't help do to the risk's, anyway you destroy all of the corpers and pick up the supplies with the help of a gravity beam, and now you get to fly shuttle. then you here rounds of laser and missile fire, as you look back you see a small fleet of Oberon Eagle's. they are being quickly destroyed by the missile fields. and when they are all destroyed you decide to auto-pilot home. so after a nice chat with all the others you decide to start a gun collection. which now has five guns. an M-16, an M-14, an MP-5, an MP-30, and an M-4 w/ M-203 Grenade launcher.

Mission 15: The Black Angel

As you checked the job board on the Omega Starbase, you found nothing, and feeling a bit board you decide to take the Zues out to the Frontier, with your buddies of coarse. you feel quite relaxed in the Alpha-Tachyon Gate. When you emerge you ask for the local jobs to be downloaded to your central computer. after checking the jobs you see quite an interesting one for the arena, supposedly the Arena patrol was short on pilots by,ummmmmmmmm, alot, infact only the captain, Captain Roadkill, remained. so out of boredom you decide to take the job. the first clash betwween contestants went smoothly but when the second part started there was trouble in the making. The Blood Clan vs. The Skav Pirates as soon as it starts about five more blood clan ships jump in and yall are ordered to take them out. as soon as all this starts the void runners decide to jump in, and since yall cant control it you retreat to out side of the walls of the Arena. at this point road kill activates a Force Shield That surrounds the entire arena. and so yall get to watch a real match between what was now thirty ships, when it was done only three red pirate nighthawks remained, and since the pirates made a wrong move they were to be destroyed do to the fact that they were a hazard to the public. and when all is done yall emerge victorious(you and your wingmen) and when yall are leaving Vertigo notices somthing on radar that shouldn't be there. after taking a look in the area commander mossman2 finds a craft off in the distence, when towed back in, it is discovered and believed to be the Black Angel a craft that was lost decades ago it was delivering Star Patrol's payroll when it was jumped by GalSpan Mercs the craft was never found or destroyed, and its cargo was still there. in the craft you also found an M-249 SAW sub-machine gun, what are the odds! oh and the craft is a star patrol customized fighter, in other words only star patrol made it.

Mission 16: The USF

For quite some time the USF has been forming, roumors spread that they were headed by a madman, basicly they were corpers in the simplest terms, and as tensions built each got prepared for a fleet battle, but the bora were way ahead of the USF in cap ship technology, so they decided to attack early. and you are ordered to escort the "Independence Day" the lead Bora Carrier and assist in anti-cap ship efforts, Oberon and the USF now inhabit much of GalSpan space so you are going to fly strait in to it. so with great courage you lead them in your Oberon Eagle. as all this began to heat up three carriers came into the fight but they wernt ready for thirty attacking ship and two were destroyed and one barely got away.(that was all USF not Oberon) anyway yall wipe-out their main base with the Alpha-Omega class Aurora missiles then yall return to base.

Mission 17: The Battle of the Fog

Rare Tri-Tanium alloy has been found in small dust particles in the fog of the twilight. a big battle over claims of the tri-tanium is soon to errupt.

*Note*: Tri-tanium, the one of strongest metals in universe, romoured to hold every thing but plasma and a few other things, can be beat by laser fire, nothing else.

Big battle stats: Oberon + Star patrol= Allied

Bora+Bora Avengers+Demon Pirates= Allied

Blood Clan+Void Runners+Skav Pirates= Allied

It will start out as a small craft battle in dusk sector, then an oberon frigate will jump in escorted by star patrol, you must destroy the frigate, all your demon companions are extremely crazy at this point, except for a few, only one i can think of, goes by the name Mercy, quite a good pilot, saved my hide more than once, anyway a bora Cruiser jumps in and destroys a few craft then its hulled by about fifty pirates, corpers, and star patrol. then something unexpected happens, a bright flash of light fills every cockpit in the area, its the stealth shipyards, and they are opening fire on the pirates and star patrol, quite surprising. in responce the corpers tried to take the shipyards down. very big mistake. all kinds of ships poured out of their shipbay with boran avengers radar transponders. when asked what they were doing they replied to you: "you helped us, now we will help you" and you are left speachless by the shear masses of ships and pilots they have. anyway the corpers, pirates and star patrol(what the shipyards do to ships is not quite legal) took a beating. they all moved to cassitors staition area. and wouldn't you know it, Cassitor is alive. anyway they get quite hulled and only an oberon frigate, and ten star patrol escorts remained all but one of your wingmen took the frigate as you and mossman2 take out the star patrol escorts. soon yall take out four of star patrol when one gets behind ya'. as you try and reach just one of the wingmen you learn that they are all a litle busy because of star patrol then from nowhere mercy comes and destroys the star patrol recruit in seconds. after this yall start to take on the rest of the escorts. one by one they return to the icy vacuum of space in which they lived and pioneered for decades soon all have returned to their home among the stars, where all with honor die. anyway the zues jumps in, and the demon is welcomed aboard where he asks for a job as your wingman, you gladly accept. hey you are building a fleet, that is your sixth wingman.

Mission 18: The Plantation Experiment

Rations are running low for the bora and boran avengers, so they intend to try an expirement that would allow them to farm in a bio-dome that would always have the right amount of sunlight. the experiment will require three "Solar Crops" and alot of escorts, it starts out as a regular escort mission, a few people(corpers) try and destroy them, then you show them what happens when you mess with the Boran Avengers, not much else happens, then an Oberon assault on the crops one carrier and three destroyers, you, mercy and mossman2 take on the carrier while the others take the destroyers. with mercy at your side the carrier didn't stand a chance then yall split, mossman2 takes on the rest of the small craft while mercy and you help with the cap ships, soon all is destroyed. and the experiment continues. well thats the basic mission but i will tell more about the solar crops first.

Solar Crops: An idea formed in the head of rising boran scientist Matthew Shockner. if properly made, a custom station, only 20 SLU in lengh could help produce enough food to destroy the boran food shortage problems. in turn they could run all year in stead of terrestrial crops which could only produce food in the growing season. although the main problem with this is that it must produce its own seeds for two years before it has an actaul yield crop. if all the theories in the young scientist's head are correct the bora could produce enough food to sell in the universal economy. which would also solve some slight, ops, scratch that, biggggg credit problems, along with the production of the 35X combat laser they have started a large buisness that should pay for itself by the year 2630 (current year 2615)

back to the story: the expirement worked, and the bora are on their way to a brighter future.

Mission 19: Workin' The Range

After some talk to the people who owned "The Cairo", one of the newest "Solar Crops" for the Bora. they let you farm 10x10 garden area, anyway back to semi-important stuff. alright there have been unconfirmed reports of a GalSpan Pegasus, a Bora Mace, and an Independent Mako flying around the Crop sector, Where you are. this time they were sighted with a shuttle and mining ship, they are 20SLU from The Zues. you are requested to fly out and see if you can establish contact. most bases only monitor a few frequencies and the Charlie Starbase is experiencing power troubles so they want you to signal them to come to a Bora shuttle, now only one problem, just how to contact them. then you remeber the emergency communications frequency, all shuttle's monitor it and most small crafts have a warning light that indicates if someone attemts to brodcast and so after a nice chat and a few cessel scans you tell the bora mace that they would like them to dock and transfer to a shuttle in dirrect contact with the Zues and some bora stations. they say that they represent a large sum of the former GalSpan pilots who are out of work, thats what the peg pilot is there for, and they would like to make an alliance with the bora, thats what the mace is for, and they have friends, independent pilot friends who would be interested in joining the bora, that's what the mako stands for. and there are people in SOL who believe that the Bora and Boran Avengers are on the right side of the "War" between Oberon, Thus the shuttle. and the mining ship is filled with minerals and raw materials that the bora needed, a token of good will. and after a discussoin with the other pilots while the people in charge of bora, such as susan bradley have a talk with the people in the shuttle. after a nice conversation yall decide to listen in on the conversation after a few deals they decide to make a joint sqaud between former GalSpan, Bora and several independent pilots. Rouge Sqaud is what they called it, all-in-all there were 20 pilots includin yourself and wingmen. and in a few moments your first mission, at Alpha Gate, goes strait to the Frontier region. an oberon assault force twenty-three Eagle's and ten Oberon Deltas. they were assigned to take out the Zues and all other remote operation bases they could find. it was no problem for all yall to take em out.

Mission 20: If you can't beat it, destroy it

Alright this is the climax Bora and Boran Avengers meet Oberon on the battle-field. Long live the Bora

That morning you could feel that something was going to happen, when you checked the job boards there was only one job "If you can't beat it, destroy it" Bora and Oberon were already at war, cap ships were massing in Hephaestus sector, all the elements are in place for the final conflict (that got your adrenaline running didn't it). You start at the Freedom with your sqaud, now nick-named The Lance. As you start out you already find three cap ships in route for "The Cairo", now the top producing Solar Crop. After you destroy the corpers you move on to the Ripstar region where Susan and Susan's Lance await your sqaud. as yall make the jump you find at least thirty cap ships most are recieving more destructive weaponry. The corpers open fire immediantly then an oberon carrier comes from nowhere and releases all of its ships. Then the Arena Patrol jumps in and helps fight off the corpers, then Obolo jumps in with two other star patrol pilots, next thing you know there are over two hundered ships and one of the largest battles in recorded space warfare. so you and your sqaud start firing away at whatever you could that was oberon. 30 cap ships and 73 small craft, then all the sudden there is a large explosion in an Oberon frigate, most all Oberon pilots within twenty SLU parished(alot of corpers) Susan and mercy where badly damaged and mossman2 and Jake(you) are over thirty SLU from that frigate. then an oberon Falcon flew out from the main hangar of The Pepper (an Oberon carrier) right then it slides and faces directly towards the pepper and releases a swarm of energy weapons which you have never seen. it completely destroys the carrier. and over the comms you hear that the pilot is Samantha Crawley, your ol' friend. you wondered what she was upto. she was using the Modified Armagedon Lasers that you found. and within in thirty minutes of fighting yall(susan, Mercy, mossman2, you, the Arena Patrol, and parts of the former GalSpan corperation) claimed victory.

You decide to marry the beautiful Anna Highfall and ya'll move to your own station in the crystal sector of Twilight.
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Re: Stories of the Fringe - Tachyon Fiction

“A Small Battle Scene”
Myk Wyvern 12

Red pressed his Cutlass into a dive just as a pair of blast torpedo detonated in the space where he had been moments ago. He immedeatly hit his reverse thrusters and swung his craft around to face his attacker, a Poseiden.

Routine patrol my ass, he thought as he sent a pair of plasma rockets screaming at the Posiden quickly followed by two more. He and his wingmate had been sent out to patrol around some of the outer sectors of Bora space. When he voiced his concerns that a pair of Cutlasses would be out-gunned if they ran into oppisition they dismissed his fears saying that it was simple a routine patrol with little danger of ecountering any Spanners.

The first pair of rockets slammed into the enemy ship's shields, efectively dropping them. And that spelled doom for the weak hull spanner ship. The second set of rockets tore into the ships hull and detonated. The resulting blast nearly tore the ship in half, it did serve to put it out of the action as it drifted listlessly in space.

He turned his ship to face the remaining enemies and his blood ran cold. A Galspan frigate had just jumped into the sector and brought with it a dozen new fighters including Pegasi and ArchAngels. There was no way a lone pair of Cutlasses could defeat such overwhelming odds.

"Alright Alex, if we're gonna go down than lets take some of them bastards with us!" Red yelled, "Die corper scum!"

As skilled as they were they both knew that victory was not possible but if they took down enough spanners it would prevent this group from accomplishing whatever mission they had come to do and help the Bora Coalition that much more. They burned into the fray with guns blazing...

A week later a Bora destroyer detected anomalous readings in a section of space near their path of travel. Upon reaching the source of these readings they found the shattered hulk of a Galspan firgate along with the drifting remains of hulled fighters. Among these fighters were a pair of cutlasses, so damaged as to be almost unidentifiable, further scans showed their rocket launchers were still cycling trying to relaod rounds that were not there. Noone ever knew exactly what happened. Bora teams picked up the remains of the Cutlasses and did some scans of the Spanner ships. The only thing they were able to retrieve was a damaged orders log from a small shuttle painted in Bora colors from inside the Spanner frigate. Only a few words remained, "Operat--n Argoso 2" -----Freedom station-- delive-- dest--y...
True power comes not from strength, but from the soul and imagination.
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