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Campaign: Into the Depths of Hell, Chapter 1

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All right, the first chapter of my campaign has been completed:D, Into the Depths of Hell: The Long Road Home.  For all of those who want to try it, e-mail me here: [email protected].
I would have loved to have placed screenshots, of which I have many, but I am unable to post attachments.  Come all and enjoy!:yes:

Knight Templar:
Sign up for Geo****ies or something and put em' up there :)

oh, if you want, you can send me the campaign and I'll attach it.


Knight Templar:
[glow=red] Into the Depths of Hell [/glow]

brought to you by your local FedEx man, KT :D

EDIT: Oh, Which ever admin sees this first, put this up in the news (and prefrebly any other campaigns you notice. They seem to by sprouting up lately.) Gracias

I'll try it out tomorrow...when I get time...looks good though!

Will report back tomorrow


Black Wolf:
I'm not trying to be too negative, but what I've played so far I haven't enjoyed. The gameplay is too repetetive - kill the shivans in this fighter, kill the shvans in that fighter, and the missions that are different to this (such as the one where you're intercepting those Shivan freighters and transports at the node) are so fr very simplistic.

A few other irks -

 - Keep the nebula colour constant.
 - Name your shivan capships. Even if you use GEs Name Mage Program (do a serach for it on the forum)
 - Add some variation to your missions.
 - Limit some weapons - Helios bombs to attack Rakshasas?

For a first and independent campaign though it's not too bad I guess - spelling errors are few and you did remember to shy away from that oh so common of mistakes and use varied CBAnis. I think you just need a bit more practice.

BTW, congrats on the dedication - indepent campaigns rarely make it beyonfd story writing or the first few missions in FRED.


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