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Lightning Marshal 3 now FS2-Friendly and Fully Voice Acted

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LM 3 is now available in an FS2-Friendly format, meaning that you no longer require FS2_Open to play. Even better, the LM3_Daffy.vp is now available that contains all the 300 lines of ingame speech, fully voiced by....erm.. our voice actors.

Voice Actors Credits (in order of appearance)

Matthew "Vyper" Brown - V. Admiral Redwood, Adm. MacDerby, Random NTF Pilot, Random Transport Pilot

Jennifer Alyx - Ens. Maggie Smith, GTD Carthage

Aro "Stunaep" Velmet - Zod, Lt. Mihhailovitch, Random Allied Installation, GVCv Dashor, GVD Psamtik

Black Wolf - Lt. Cmdr Gibbons, Random Transport Pilot, Random Corvette

Philip J Mather - Allied Command

Meredith Purk - Ens. Montoya, Random Transport Pilot

Dylan Nagel - Random Transport, Random NTF Pilot, Random Warship

Sven "Ulundel/Teno'" Sosnitski - Random Transport, Random NTF Pilot

Special Thanks to the Star Alliance Voice Actors Guild Extreme.

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