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A mission by me...


Hey here's my mission 'Oedipus' Legacy.' The reason for lone Alpha and 3 in Gamma is that this was originally designed as a multi mission and i wanted the same respawns for your wingmates.

BTW if any of you want the multi version, tell me in this thread and ill put it up

Single player version (updated)

EDIT- Multi version available below...

no one tried it? any feedback would be helpful!

I tried it, but it was a bit much for single player
Muti-player may be better.
(takin' out a Ravana and a Sathanas.....woah.)

yeah... it is a bit hard for single....

Updated files now available. Single player now updated with bonus objectives... (Sath killed, both cruisers still alive at end)

Multiplayer version now available here!

Multiplayer version (updated)


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