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I've been working on a little something for a while now, and it seems a shame that nobody else has been benefitting from it.  So, what I have finished so far may be found here.

On a smaller note, this leads to a mission that one of my friends created, and wishes to release.

Here is a modified version of the ship table FS2 uses.  All I've done is update the tech room descriptions for some of the ships.  Note that the updates take into account Capella and all, so you may wish to finish the main FS2 campaign before downloading this.

Both the campaign and the mission are able to be run with normal FS2.  
The modified ship table requires FS_Open as normal FS2 cannot handle the increased size of the file.

All comments are welcome.  Thank you.


Not sure if it's wise to throw a half-finished campaign out into the world (it might discourage people from playing the finished thing if it's buggy or not very good in it's present state), but kudos for getting on with a project! I'll give it a go when I've got some free time. :)

Triple Ace:
Lets take a look, i'm so bored. :D

I strongly suggest you finish it first, but hey, I admire your attitude. :)

Hi, out of curiousity, can I get an idea of how many people actually downloaded my campaign? :)  (Let alone played it? :nervous: )



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