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Here, check it out!

clickerty click click

my first 100% complete mission (normally I can't be arsed with debriefings etc)
not sure about the link, and I made a couple of changes without testing (bad mg1 ! *smack* *smack* !) but what the hell.

OK, I haven't finished it yet, but I've got some comments already on the first time round.

First, this mission was made with Fred2_Open, so anybody else fancying a go should be aware of this.

Second concerns one or two little things in your mission briefing.  In stage 2, I believe 'sleaves' should be 'sleeves.'  I think you have much fewer spelling mistakes than I do on average.  The second little thing is: should 'Vergo' wing be 'Virgo'?  Vergo seems a little strange...

Third, on my first try, I lost all of the Omega freighters.  (Pretty bad, no?)  So, when I lost Omega 3, I get the message:
"All units, we're done here. Evacuate the area."
and the 'Return to Base' directive shows up.  But then, I get the message:
"Omega 3 is down ! All units, destroy the cargo and return to base."
Methinks you should make sure that the latter message shows up before the former.  It is somewhat confusing right now.

Now I'm going to go back and keep crunching away at this mission...

Thanks for lookin' at it.
1: Yeah, sorry. Forgot to mention that.
2: Blame my dodgy typing and general lazyness when it comes to writing briefings.
3: Omega1 & 2 were supposed to die. That was my "s**t you up point" Also, I decided to make "destroy the cargo a bonus objective after a little testing. I must have forgot to remove/tweak one of the related events.

How did you loose Omega3 ?
Did the initial ambush idea work ? I was trying to do something a little different.

I was actually hanging back to watch the action, so Omega 3 got scrapped by the Bakhas.  

Oh, after watching the action, I must conclude that saving one of Omega 1 or 2 is not too hard.  The destroyer takes a long time to kill them, and a pilot who is on his/her toes can easily disable the offending beam cannons with ease in time to save at least one of them.  (Vasudan turret armour is weak!  Subachs kill them rather easily!)

I don't know how you may fix this potencial loophole.  Perhaps have the beam turrets 'regenerate' as to make them impossible to disable.

Just my two cents. :)

actually, I've noticed one or two other bugs as well.... :nervous:

I had accounted for this, but got a weird bug. When they had taken so much damage, say 20% each,  Omega1 & 2 were set to self destruct. However, the as their hull integrity dropped, the rate of "damage" slowed, then stopped at 1%. At that point, they then became indestructable!!
I have no idea why this happened, but it was kinda annoying.

I tried to get around this by putting plenty of distance between Omega and Alpha.


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