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Board Guidelines


Treat this board as an archive or library of released materials. A point where we congregate everything we've done into one place so someone can easily find content. Keep this in mind when posting here.

What's okay:

* A release thread
* A WIP, Beta or Test release thread (but please clearly mark it as such)
* A re-release thread that has substantially newer content to warrant a new thread
* I leave at what point to make a new thread to your judgement, but something like a bug fix patch doesn't need a new thread
* If you're re-releasing or adopting someone else's content, you should probably do it in a new thread so its distinct from the original thread. Remember to give credit too!
* A direct link to a release elsewhere on HLP or other FS community page (You can copy your original release post, or just have a lone link for people to follow)
What's not okay:

* "Does anyone have any recommendations for...???"
* "I have a request..."
* "XXXXX doesn't work in 4.5.7 NEED HELP"
If you have a thread release post elsewhere and want it moved to here, PM a staff member, or use the report thread feature of the board to notify a staff member and we'll get it moved.


When posting a release for your campaign or mod, please keep in mind what FSO version you are using.

It is highly recommended to use Stable releases since the Nightly and Release Candidate may have changes in them that will make player's pilot files incompatible with older builds or even corrupt them.

If you still wish to use an unstable release then please make a visible notice in your post and in the Knossos/Nebula listing if possible so as to inform users of the risks involved.


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