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Attachments are temporary on the forum, so don't count on them being around forever.

Here are some places you can make sure your files stay around for years and years.

FreeSpace Files
Hunter is graciously running this site for the community to upload not only their missions and campaigns, but their models, fan art, or anything else FreeSpace related.
You can log in with a public community account (username: freespace password: files), or you can register for your own repo where your files will be kept private.
Since it allows for direct linking, this can be used as a place to host files for the FSO Installer!

You probably know these guys pretty well, they're a big online file host. Everyone uses them. There's a free sign up with good enough features. But the files download links will be indirect linking, which will not work with the FreeSpace Open Installer.

If someone has other file hosts that are reliable, post them here and I'll add them to the list.

Wondering if this should be updated to explain Knossos hosting? Easy and very integrated with the community at the moment.

I was hoping the FreeSpace Files site would finally have a place to upload user-created single missions for the community.  :(

Such a central repository would be a holy grail I would love to see (and use). Because sometimes you don't want to get engrossed in a 40 mission epic space novel but you just want to get into FSO, mix it up a bit with a favorite mission, have fun and call it a day. Single missions allow you to do so. And I'm sure many people have written some brilliant single missions I would love to try (and they would love to share). Also, it gives 1st time (and experienced) Fredders some place to get feedback for missions they're working on.

Maybe the host can add an extra folder to the initial list called "Single Missions" and subdivide it into "Ready-to-Play Missions" (for completed missions) and "Test Missions" (for Fredders who want feedback with missions they're working on).

Pretty please? :nod:

You should probably ask Hunter if he could add a folder.

Sorry, didn't see this earlier.

I've added a category for single missions - and a sub-folder for test missions. It's empty right now, so if someone has a pack of single missions available, that will help fill it up.

Just to add: Global search only works from the Navigation menu. It will search the whole site, not just the current folder.


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