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I got a CTD on the same opening cutscene, but i otherwise moved on from it, and the Floating Fortress also hits CTD once when the self destruct sequence hit in, which is already bitter considering the length and how aggravating the mission is

Ok, I can independently confirm that both Aftermath campaigns are on Knossos and both have been updated as of today judging by their "Last updated" dates.

SQUEE! (By the way, we really need a squee emoticon. I don't think the :D emoticon is cutting it.)

Got that bug in the opening scene too.

Debug coming:

OH MAN when I saw this pop up on Knossos :D Awesome that this game is finally out! I'm actually in the middle of replaying the first Aftermath right now, once I finish I'll gladly dive into the sequel!

Also glad to know you're alright Herkie! I recently visited the first game's thread and it seems you disappeared a long time and no one knew what happened...glad you're ok! ^^

Are you using FSO 732. I don't know about Knossos but there is "setting.ini" file included in the download. Try deleting that.

I will download knossos and try it in my end. I am still using the 5.5g launcher. My PC is  not connected to the internet, I'm using my phone.


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