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It's a typo in the ships.tbl table. It's a value that should be "140.0"

I think I corrected that in AFR's ships.tbl table in the latest AFR update. Unfortunately, I haven't updated TBG's ships.tbl table. I forgot.

The latest TBG update are just the mission files. So... no, the mod tables are not updated.

June 12, 2022


Download and extract the files to the mod's root folder. This will replace the old files. The Release Post is also updated.

The update covers the compatibility issue when using FSO 22 and MVPS 4.5 --- Yes, only one issue: the "Don't Move" flag in the ship miscellaneous option. I thank CT27 for his observations when running TBG on FSO 22 because I am still using FSO 3.7.4 to update things and I can't get Knossos and FSO 22 to run in my end (believe me I tried everything). It's like updating things blind.

But... I found out the cause of this issue through "deductive reasoning." So I made the adjustments. Actually, only 2 missions had these compatability error;  the missions "A Wounded Fox" and "Lightning From Heaven."

I also adjusted the difficulty factors of these missions and other errors in the mission designs as reported by CT27. Also, some grammar corrections.

Great stuff man;

I have actually become stuck in the game. On the mission to destroy the Dremora, after the destruction of the Dremora and all of her escorts there is no progression to end the mission.

You too... hmm. CT27 had this too. Are you using the latest TBG update? Try playing it again and don't go for the "full success" scenario (ex. No Shivan warship escaped and taskforce intact), just destroy Demora and see if you get the error.

Anyway, I will check into this.

Herkie contacted me on FB and told me to post some of these update notes for TBG (fixes that will be in the upcoming TBG update):

"Mission: A Wounded Fox
--- I fixed the Lucifer destroyer, Demora, not rotating to target Task Force Omega. Added a Lucifer asset with 0 foward velocity (old Lucifer model I'm afraid). I used the "ship swapping" method. But the swap will be detectable this time. An old Lucifer model suddenly changed to a new one, not much I can do there. However, you will only see this if you fail. I still can't see the "no RTB error" you said 2 years ago.

Mission: The Floating Fortress
--- I reduced the number of Shivan fighters protecting the 2 Asuras. I also added more time for the player to reach the big Shivan beam sentry cannons before they fire at the friendly fleet.

Mission: Reunion
--- fixed the "no conversation/progression" error.

Mission: Lightning From Heaven
--- Fixed the Archangel error. Used the same "add asset / ship swapping" method.

Mission: Plans to Negotiate
--- fixed the Galahad / Bellatrix issue.

I also made further adjustments in many missions, some of them reducing the difficulty."


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