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RELEASE - Renegade Resurgence v1.44

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Story Background
Capella happened. Though the Shivans are sealed off in Capella and the Neo-Terran Front is crushed, optimism soon fades when both Terrans and Vasudans start realizing what they actually lost during the war. It is not enough that they lost billions of innocent civilians, theColossus with many hi-ranking officers on board, and the bulk of their fleet, there is no guarantee that the Shivans won't find another route into GTVA space in the future.

High Command and numerous galaxywide civilian corporations are willing to put more effort and money into research and development, both civilian and military, to press the severely weakened Terran-Vasudan alliance into a new age. Countless reconstruction plans had been suggested in three months, the most promising and thorough devised an ambitious and potentionally gainful project: a giant scientific endeavor to learn more about the Ancients' civilization. They all know that, even though the Ancients were defeated by the Shivans millennia ago, it is them who supplied the Terrans and Vasudans with knowledge that allowed these two species to survive the attack of the SD Lucifer's task force. Discovering multiple Knossos subspace portals has convinced all leading figures that Ancient Empire indeed stretched much further than anyone could have imagined.

Civilian corporations saw the ambition and the possibility for profit in the project, and subjected themselves to study the unknown. Though the GTVA, a military alliance, was justifiably low on funds after a devastating conflict of such a scale, it was a matter of time until civilian corporations, who suffered lightly during the war, started supplying the initial preparations with seemingly unlimited funds. Within a year, the Altair system, which is believed to have played a major part in the Ancient Empire's history, was teeming with practitioners of all walks of science, including archeology, xenolinguistics, astronomy, and physics.

However, the rest of the GTVA was more bothersome. The Terrans and Vasudans diverged from each other, minding their own businesses. The Vasudans were concerned with their own traditions and respect to their deities. The Terrans were preoccupied by the welfare of their society and steadiness of their economy. Despite all this, the alliance remained officially intact. The General Assembly assembled, the Security Council communed, and the Vasudan Imperium did not hesitate to assist the other two branches when requested. The two governments withdrew to their respective homeworlds: the Terrans to Vega, where they intend to rebuild Earth in their own way, and the Vasudans to their desolate yet beloved Vasuda Prime.

Very soon, disturbances take place at Altair. Unknown Terran fighters and cruisers keep harassing supply depots and unguarded science vessels. As more military vessels are deployed, the pirate strikes intensify. Their intents are not as clear as those of most pirate organizations. Pirates typically don't destroy science vessels just for the sake of it, but take hostages and demand a ransom. These Terrans are different. Not only different, but more powerful. As the project's existence is gradually jeopardized by the escalating number of thefts, the Security Council hastily orders the deployment of the GTD Phobos and its fighter wings, along with a number of other corvette and cruiser-sized vessels. Because of the intermittent and unpredictable nature of pirate strikes, it is impossible to keep the entire task force in one place. The ships of the scattered task force gradually disappear. None of them ever sent a distress signal. On a dark day, the Phobos also vanishes.

Notable Changes
[*]All 31 missions have been revisited to various degrees. There were major alterations and additions to most of them. There were numerous bugfixes, thus you will be able to play through all the thirty missions without show-stopping bugs.
[*]Apart from the mandatory bughunt, this update's primary focus was to provide a fun playthrough not present in the earlier releases. Thus, gameplay has improved a great deal. There are a lot of quality-of-life improvements compared to the previous v1.1 release, including many more messages that give you useful advice on how to approach a given situation, more informative briefings, directives, mission goals, and a more intuitive use of the escort list.
[*]Pilot banter and, generally speaking, mission messages have become more military-like and mature. There's also far less yelling !!! during the missions.
[*]Use of Lightspeed's nebula backdrops and the old, low-quality planet images have all been replaced with high-quality ones.
[*]Non-retail music tracks provided by fellow HLPer ShadowOfLight, freeplaymusic, and other sources.
[*]Inclusion of the GTF Rapier, also known as the TF Kvasir as a Myrmidon Mark II.

For a full list of credits, see the accompanying credits.txt

[*]MediaVPs 4.4
[*]FreeSpace Open 21.2.0 Release Candidate 2

Known Issues
[*]Debug builds produce a warning message at the start of every mission that features the GTF Rapier (TF Kvasir). This does not affect gameplay in any way.
[*]The mission "In Front of the Gate" produces a fatal crash when playing with a debug build. Release builds play the mission without problem.
[*]The mission "Warming Up" might crash during loading with lower-end machines with an error saying you're out of memory. If this happens, lower graphical settings, mainly by turning off more graphical features in the launcher. Computers with more than 4 GB RAM will likely not run into this issue.

See the campaign's FreeSpace Wiki article for more information

wxLauncher version:
MediaFire mirror
(unextract using 7-Zip)

Put into your FreeSpace 2 folder, so the .vp should be in the FreeSpace 2/RR_v144 folder. Your MediaVPs must be in the MediaVPs_44x folder, otherwise you have to edit the included mod.ini. Open the file with a text editor, find the line starting with "secondarylist" and edit the folder's name accordingly.

.vp checksum

--- Code: ---Found root pack 'C:\Games\FreeSpace 2\RR_v144release\RR_v144.vp' with a checksum of 0xc1776b8c
--- End code ---

.vp file number

--- Code: ---Searching root pack 'C:\Games\FreeSpace 2\RR_v144\RR_v144.vp' ... 190 files
--- End code ---

Congrats on the release but I think you forgot to put in MVPs 4.4x with it. I looked in the "modify" tab and 4.4x was not in there. I also checked the tech room and the ship models were vanilla

This is the Knossos release, right? I did put the MediaVPs as a dependency, but I'll check it out.


--- Quote from: TopAce on April 13, 2021, 03:55:24 pm ---This is the Knossos release, right? I did put the MediaVPs as a dependency, but I'll check it out.

--- End quote ---

It is knossos...forgot to say that

Check now. I refreshed the dependency settings and ran it myself, and the MediaVPs loaded.


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