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Horrible name for a project, but I'm a little hungover so whatever.  :lol:

HLP has a massive history of campaigns spanning all levels of quality and length, but they are all a distinct part of what this community is. My goal is to take that history and make it readily available on Knossos.

In making my list, my only rule was that the campaign had to be greater than 1 mission.

This is not FSCRP. The todo list for each campaign's Knossos conversion is pretty short. The goal here is to make as few creative decisions as possible, but make each campaign playable without major errors.

* Convert the files to a Knossos mod structure
* Fix obvious bugs with the modpack (not necessarily the missions, but that may be included on some level depending on mod rot) and get it launchable on a modern FSO build
* Research HLP to find the appropriate release thread and author details to link in the Knossos metadata
* Provide an appropriate Knossos style mod image and banner
When I started gathering old campaigns not on Knossos, I did not expect to find as many as I did. So.. that said, if anyone wants to lend a hand then I'd appreciate it very much. I have all the files (except for 4 noted below). My plan is to setup an SVN repository for easy tracking of versions and changes; especially since many of these campaigns have gotten multiple versions over the years and it's not always clear which one is the most recent.

Here's a complete list of what I have. If any of these are already on Knossos and I missed it, then let me know. Also, if you are the author of one of these campaigns, speak up. Let me know if you have updated files and/or don't want it re-released and/or would prefer to re-release it yourself or whatever.

Freespace 1 Campaigns that need actual mission file conversions to the FSO engine.

* A Chance for Vengeance - DONE!
* Black Horizon
* Black Horizon Episode 2
* Crusade
* Dark Daunting
* Deepspace
* GTFS Demo
* GTFS Splintered Arrow Demo (may be the same as above)
* New Hope
* Rising Star
* Second Vasudan War (may already have a conversion)
* Start of the Vasudan War (may already have a conversion)
* Supression
* The Day We Were Even
* The End of War - Removed for being only a single mission
* The Great War Second Wave
* The Offensive
* Underground Episode 1
* Wintermute
FSPort Campaigns

* 25th Year
* All Hands to War
* Alliance Fights Back (Duplicate of Alliance Returns with new name)
* Alliance Returns
* Battle for Altair
* Crucible
* Dark Raji
* Duke Squad
* DW
* Hellgate Ikeya - Removed at author's request.
* Hellwolf
* Infinite Dimension
* Internal Conflict Episode 1
* Light of Antares - Removed at author's request.
* Marduk's Shroud
* Nubian Conflict
* Points of View
* Rain on Ribos 4 - Removed at author's request.
* Ryleh
* Second Vasudan War (Possibly listed above already)
* Special Ops
* Start of the Terran-Vasudan War (possibly listed above already)
* The Counterstrike
* The McCarthy Campaign
* The Road to Victory
* Twist of Fate
* Vasudan Academy
* War
* Wolfpack Legacy
* Workings of the Warp - Removed at author's request.
Freespace 2/Open Campaigns

* Alcibiades Gamble Demo
* Allied Forces - DONE!
* Allied Worlds - DONE!
* All is Fair in Love and War - DONE!
* Andromedae - Removed at author's request.
* Artifice
* Ascension of Beyond
* Beyond the Cause
* Biowar
* Casualties of War
* Casualties of War 2
* Civil War
* Dante Rising
* Deep Blood
* Descendants of Sol
* Desperate Times
* Dissident Theory
* Empire
* Enemies united
* Faces of Treason - Removed at author's request.
* Flames of War Chapter 1
* Flames of War Coming of the Storm
* Gateway
* Ghosts of Valor
* Independence Warriors Saga
* Lost
* Meditations on the Abyss
* Merkar
* Neo-Terra Reality
* Nukemod Children of Shiva
* Odin's Spear
* Omicron Incident
* Operation Savior
* Regulus Campaign
* Relentless
* Revenge
* Rise of the Corporate
* Rogue Intentions
* Second Front
* Secret of the Ancients
* Shadows of Kraken
* Solar Wars
* Special Ops Command
* Spoon's Top-Down Shooter
* Stand Against the Night
* Storm Front Prophecy
* Storm Front Cthulhu
* Storm Front Storm Chasers
* Teeth of the Tiger
* The Deuterium Connection
* The Enemies Return
* The Enemy From The Past
* The Exodus
* The Jake War
* The Journey to Epsilon Pegasi
* Tides of Darkness
* Time of Change
* Trinity
* Trouble At Home
* Unholy Alliance
* Unification Prequel Campaign
* Utopia
* Valentine
* Valley of Death
* Vortex
* Walk RC
* What if Another Great War
Campaigns I could not find the files for

* Cerberus Emergence (Has a forum on Sectorgame that I cannot access because I don't have an account. It's possible it never made a release. I found a file called Cerberus Emergence Music Pack 2, though. EDIT: See below. Looks like it had a demo release at one point back in 2009. Maybe someone happens to still have the files.)

Eh, the name is right to the point so not all bad.  I would love to have some new campaigns to play anyway

That’s a good initiative.

Actually, wasn’t there a first act to the old 158th squadron that was released? The very old mod featuring atmospheric combat in a unification setting? That might possibly benefit…

Workings of the Warp was only released as Demo,  The Knights of Alrukabi (Demo-only), Syrk (Demo) are missing too

--- Quote from: starlord on October 01, 2021, 12:46:39 pm ---Actually, wasn’t there a first act to the old 158th squadron that was released? The very old mod featuring atmospheric combat in a unification setting? That might possibly benefit…

--- End quote ---

Sorry. My mistake.


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