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[RELEASE] Ribos: The Aftermath 1.0.0

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I've just finished it, it's been in my "to do" list for too long. I found the gameplay and general setting quite enjoyable, and I strongly recommend starboxes as the best possible way to improve the overall quality of backgrounds (even if you want to keep a pure FS1 style).   ;)

Just finished it.  I liked it a lot.  There were plenty of nice tie-ins with both the canon of the main campaigns, as well as fan campaigns.  I liked seeing the Orff, the Gladiator, the Idun, the Krios, and all the other ships -- and it was clever to include the GTD Myrmidon too.  There was plenty of atmosphere, and a lot of attention was given to world-building and character-building.

There were some infelicities in spelling and grammar, but I hear those are being edited.  If I had one complaint it's that the missions were really demanding, especially mission 2.  I would have made the missions shorter; flying several brutal missions in a row can be pretty draining.

Overall though, this is well worth playing, and I hear there will be more vignettes like this.  I'm looking forward to them. :yes:

Thanks  :)

Regarding the missions, each mission has a different idea behind it:

-Mission 1 has some... maybe expected(?) easter eggs, and a kill challenge.

-Mission 2 is "do more with less", this mission has some optional stuff, you do have very limited resources but you have everything you need, from Stilettos you can use in a Seths, to bombers and a very nerfed version of the Barracuda Torpedo (altrought there seems to be some sort of bug were sometimes its not listed). And you can also use some of the transports as gunboats as you can give them the order to attack.
I think im going to change Omicron to Seths by default in the future as the Horus gets killed very easily sometimes and then it is really a uphill battle.

-Mission 3 is a "do a lot, with a lot", Delta will not be avalible here if you use it during mission 2, they will depart inmidiatelly. Mission lenght is due to story reasons as the pilots were really needing to be rotated but the Galatea just cant do that because it has to keep deploying wings in-system and not longer have enoght wings avalible to do that.

-Mission 4 is about "conserving your forces", and at the end you have a small window to do what you were unable to do during mission 1, 2 and 3.


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