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What is this campaign?

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From the Description page of the Scroll's website:

We are a people of legacy. It is said that in earliest days, when our people first walked upon the cooling silver sands of the twilight, that then was prophesied the destiny of our race. And the stars we touched, even as foretold. But in our conceit we forgot the words of the Prophets, and the Destroyers fell upon us in their wrath...

When your children ask of their history, of how they came to be Atankharz'ythi, then you will teach them the words of this scroll, that they may learn from their ancestors and not repeat their arrogance and folly. The stars hold our fate; we search them for our salvation.

-The Scroll of Atankharzim

A Vasudan campaign set some 10 to 15 years after the destruction of Capella, The Scroll of Atankharzim offers a rich and dynamic gaming experience. A fantastic storyline weaves together elements from the highest examples of myth and epic with the science fiction adrenaline of FreeSpace 2.

With a current projection of approximately 40 missions, The Scroll of Atankharzim promises to be an immersive and involved campaign. The dynamic, intertwining plot structure ensures high replay value, unfolding new missions and new facets of the story as the player traces out the rest of the history recorded in the Scroll. (Indeed, one must play again to learn the whole epic story.)

Many modifications have gone into S.A. Destroy your enemies using new fighters and bombers, both Vasudan and Terran. Serve aboard powerful new capital ships. Quake before the terrors of the Shivans. Behold breathtaking new backgrounds and nebula effects. Let new weaponry add whole new dimensions to tactical and frontal warfare.

The Destroyers are coming...

...Again. :rolleyes: Still, I'm looking forward to playing as a Vasudan for an entire campaign. :cool:

You should know better than that, GE.  Sure, the Destroyers are coming, but that's not all, and Alpha One doesn't save the day...

who/what is Atankharzim by the way? The guy in the forum logo image?

Well, if I were to properly define the word for you, it would partially betray the ending, and if there is one thing I want, it is for the ending to be a surprise to the player.

But perhaps I can say this: the term Atankharz'ythi could roughly be translated as "the Wanderers" or "those who search"

And no, nothing directly to do with the Vasudan in the banner (though he is one of the Atankharz'ythi).


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