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The Scroll of Atankharzim is looking for a few good Fredders!  
You'll receive an avatar and access to the private forum, the files, and the juicy storyline.

We are also looking for someone interested in doing a little bit of modelling work.  There are a couple of ships I have in mind that would be a great opportunity for some creative modelling style.

Anyone interested in joining our project can send a private message to me, or just post here. :D

what exact positions do you have?  just FREDding?

EDIT:  does your campaign have new ships/weapons or is it JUST missions?

:wtf: It says what we are after in the first post.  Fredders, and a modeller or two.

Most of our mods are already done.  There are new ships, new weapons, new backgrounds, new sounds, new soundtracks (if I can get them working properly), and all sorts of good stuff.

What ships?  I have a bunch of stuff in various stages of completion that had been intended for other projects.

*cough* Website *couch*


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