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i found another sound track that will be featured in the Scroll of Atankharzim, its being put into FS2 now with favorable results. here is a sample (~960kb zipped)

edit: credit will be given in the campaign credits since we don't want you finding the original

Black Wolf:
:ick Bad! Nasty!
:ick :ick :( :ick
Please don't put techno rubbish into FS2 - it's just wrong!

oh well cant please everyone

its gonna be used near the end as something to set the 'mood' of what happens


Good News- It won't be used often
Bad News- It still will be used


--- Quote ---Originally posted by PhReAk
Bad News- It still will be used
--- End quote ---


C'mon, it's a vasudan campaign. You should replace it with more vasudanish stuff. I can't even imagine playing the original FS2 with that kind of music.

Knight Templar:
This should go in pokemon stadium or maybe sonic the hedgehog.

Maybe I should put some techno in freespace... :D

or Metallica :drevil:


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