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BSG:BTRL Demo release!!!!

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Herra Tohtori:
Even despite the risk of this being an april joke (it's 01.04.2007 here already), commencing download and setting up the drool trough... :)


May not work for me, but if it works for others, it's worth it.

Be warned, y'all, even on a PC that meets the requirements, the max FPS you're going to get is 20.

Aside from that, nice job, guys!

I got a great framerate, and yes, very impressive indeed, looks and plays really well, professional feel to it, and smooth execution.

My only concern is some of the voice acting has been too 'radio-ised', and having Microsoft Sam tell me that if 'He gets any closer you'll have to bend over' is a once in a lifetime experience. ;)

heh, woot! We all get to _u_ th__ s_a_ on s___! Not spoiling just yet. Be aware that in one fight my wrist began to hurt when I finished this demo.


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