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The soundtrack is complete! :)

I spoke to Spoon, wanting to know what the soundtrack was derived from. File names are on the left, actual names and origins are on the right. Spoon doesn't know where much of the stuff originated from. Can anyone fill in some of these blanks? Some are done, some are empty, and some have the origin but not the track name:

SPOON: "I tried my best looking up which track is from what OST but I've unforunately been kinda sloppy in the naming scheme (it had to do with the way freespace handles music, but then after a while I decided to take a different approach. By then all the tracks were already named like this. Alas I was too lazy to rename them at the time) and for some tracks simply cannot remember where they are from.
I do know that there are a few from Gundam X and maybe one from the Dancouga Nova OST but..."

I've put a * at the start of the names of those that remain unknown. 0/44 remain.

03 - Diebuster OST, 03 - Topless
12 - Diebuster OST, 12 - Dix-Neuf
AAmbient - Starship Operators OST, 20 - Defcon1
AAmbient2 - Gundam Wing OST - Secret Ambitions
AAmbient3 - Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - "X-Mas Eve"
AAmbient4 - Starcontrol 2 remix tracks - Kohr-Ah - The Eternal Doctrine
AAmbient5 - Gundam Wing OST - The Labyrinth Called Yourself
ABattle1 - Gundam 00 OST, 20 - Fight
ABattle2 - Gundam 00 OST - Possibility
ABattle3 - Starship Operators OST, 26 - Counter
ABriefing - Starship Operators OST, 31 - Final Operation
ABriefing2 - Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 -  Pull the Strings
ABriefing3 - Gundam 00 OST - Control
ABriefing4 - Gundam Unicorn OST - Unicorn
C4 - Jinki Extend OST - Track 8, Kodai no Yami
DogBattle1 - Gundam Wing OST - When the Dragon Swims, Everything Ends
DogBattle2 - Gundam Wing OST - Scattering What's Left of the Light
DogBattle3 - Gundam X OST - 16 Kanenukeru GX
EBattle1 - Gundam 00 OST - Decisive Battle
EBattle2 - Gundam 00 OST - 00 Gundam
EBattle3 - Gundam 00 OST - 0-Raiser
HBattle1 - Starcontrol 2 remix tracks - Battle (Kohr-Ah)
HBattle2 - Starcontrol 2 remix tracks - Now and Forever (Ur-Quan)
HBattle3 - Starcontrol 2 remix tracks - Ultra Gross (VUX)
HLP - Ar Tonelico OST, 20 Dokkoi 50%-Off Sale!
Mainhall1 - Dancougar nova OST 1 - 17 Headquarters
Mainhall2 - Crystal energy (Mai Otome OP2) instrumental version, edited
Mainhall3 - To Aru Majutsu no Index S1 OP - PSI-Missing - instrumental version
Mainhall4 - Universe at War - Hierarchy CD1 #03 On Edge
Mainhall5 - Apocalypse, deuxieme guerre mondiale, les musiques originales - 01 Apocalypse
OldBattle1 - Gundam 00 OST - Counterattack
OldBattle2 - Gundam 00 OST - Innovation
OldBattle3 - Gundam 00 OST - Union
Outro - NEEDLESS OST, 31 - Lovely
TBattle1 - Gundam Wing OST - Accelerated Beat
TBattle2 - Gundam X OST - 17 New weapon - Divider
TBattle3 - Gundam Wing OST - Invitation From Hell
Victory - Suikoden II - Even Farther
WBattle1 - Starship Operators OST 22 - Attack
WBattle2 - Starship Operators OST, 7 - Countdown
WBattle3 - Starship Operators OST 35 - All ships decimated
XBattle1 - Jinki Extend OST, 32 - Moribito Vs Kiribito
XBattle2 - Jinki Extend OST, 17 - Totsunyuu
XBattle3 - Jinki Extend OST, 18 - Game Kaishi

Mainhall3 is PSI-Missing, the To Aru Majutsu no Index S1 OP. An instrumental version.

AAmbient5 is The Labyrinth Called Yourself from the Gundam Wing OST

DogBattle 1 is When The Dragon Submerges from the same source.

TBattle3 is also Gundam Wing OST material, but I don't know what the correct name is.

More info can be obtained in and around this post.

Thanks Jellyfish and NGTM-1R. I've added your contributions, and many more I was able to find from that information into the list.

EBattle is called 0-Raiser, not E-Raiser :p


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