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RELEASE - Wings of Dawn: Stranded

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After many delays I can finally present you with WoD: Stranded.
A side campaign about two LSF pilots who unwillingly end up behind enemy lines... And now must find their way back.

Download links

Simply unpack the Stranded_V0.99.vp file into your WoD folder. And select the stranded campaign from the campaign menu to play it.

Requires 3.6.14 or higher

What else?
Be sure to enable post processing (if your system can handle it) as the first mission has several effects going on.
Because of this, be sure to have a darker HUD color (standard green works). A light HUD color will unforunately make the first mission hard to play (if not impossible!).

A known issue: Having Stranded installed will muck up the headani frame for the WoD main campaign, due to different head ani sizes used. No attempt to fix this soon is currently planned but will eventually be adressed.

Why 0.99?
Because the last picture in the true end is a placeholder. I decided not to hold up a completed campaign any longer because of my inability to finish that last piece.
Once I get around finishing that I'll put it up as v1.0 (and if any other bugs are found and reported, they'll be fixed and included too)

Downloading Now!  :yes:

Damn you, actually putting this out when I just finished scheduling my weekend full of uni work. Now I'm going to just have to not sleep.

Thanks for the release Spoon, downloading when I'm not at work in an hour or so.

Something super silly somehow got through the beta tester net. The main character's name is actually mispelled throughout the whole campaign. Stand by

*Commits seppuku


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