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[RELEASE] Evacuation of Alpha Draconis Campaign Demo V1.01

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Hi there. I always wanted to make something for WoD, but decided to wait for WoD2 to arrive first. With that cancelled, I decided to go ahead and try.

I can't promise I'll finish what I started, but my goal is to make a campaign based around the events in Alpha Draconis in WoD, and it will be branching.

To accommodate branching, the missions should simply be placed loose in the missions folder within the data folder inside the Wings of Dawn folder. Make sure you extract them out of the Demo folder first. Don’t just put the demo folder in there, or they won’t work. You start at "Lorric 0" and the mission debriefing will tell you what to play next. Or that you lost or died. Even if you die, you may be able to continue, and the briefing will tell you so. Your ejector pod will have been scooped up, and the campaign will continue.

Don't expect anything fabulous, I'm a beginner FREDder, so be nice (please). But I'm happy with the 5 mission files I've created so far, which can be picked up here:

The campaign is designed to be played on medium difficulty.

Oh, and it may seem awkward your wingmates giving the orders when you are the wing leader, but I decided to leave Seraphim 1 silent. You can of course still tell your wingmates what to do.

One more thing, you don't need it right now, but the campaign will require A Nordera Day in future.

Link to Bombing Run screenshots and another set of screenshots further on in the thread:

General Battuta:
Why don't you just set up a branching campaign file like everybody else who's ever done branching  :wtf:

Well, that requires actual effort - in learning how the campaign file system works! :rolleyes:


--- Quote from: General Battuta on December 20, 2012, 11:33:08 pm ---Why don't you just set up a branching campaign file like everybody else who's ever done branching  :wtf:

--- End quote ---

I don't want people to have to play through the entire campaign again to get to the branches. Many of the missions will branch, we're not talking about an odd mission here and there off to the side. This way, they can go back and follow the losing or winning path that they missed on each mission. This might be a clutter problem for a standard Freespace campaign, but no one's making anything for WoD save Spoon anyway, so they can just be put in there. The missions folder will be empty but for the Ray IV guantlet and Axem's single mission.

Additionally, it allows me to release missions as I go along if there's any interest, rather than having to make the whole thing first.

Also, no need for another pilot profile.

Legate Damar:

--- Quote from: Lorric on December 21, 2012, 12:08:11 am ---but no one's making anything for WoD save Spoon anyway
--- End quote ---



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