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Review of Wings of Dawn [SPOILERS]

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--- Quote from: Legate Damar on February 28, 2013, 03:15:41 pm ---
--- Quote from: Luis Dias on February 28, 2013, 07:36:28 am ---Meh, humans.

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As for the Fur'angle fighters, that shield piercing laser (forget the name) works wonders.

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I just KNEW you would respond to that line  :lol:


--- Quote from: Legate Damar on February 28, 2013, 03:15:41 pm ---As for the Fur'angle fighters, that shield piercing laser (forget the name) works wonders.

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I found that any ballistic weapon worked fine vs the Fur'angle.  The only time I recall having a problem with them was when I flew a Kaze, which can't use ballistic weapons... but an appropriate missile loadout solved that issue :)

By all means, 'Spiritus Lucis' tear through them rather easily.


--- Quote from: Spoon on February 27, 2013, 07:41:18 pm ---Cool, thanks for the review!  :)

To adress some of your points:

--- Quote --- The Fur'angle Sweepers are incredibly frustrating to fight, there is no angle from which they cannot damage you and their turret guns are really powerful for a weapon that has a 360-degree field of fire.
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Well it seems everyone has an enemy he loves to hate! Some loathe to chase after Cordi ships (whereas you have found a clever way to dispatch of them), others have a hard time getting knocked around by Ravager's.
Sweepers have a bunch of hard counters that turn them quickly into space dust. Conversely if you did not bring the right equipment with you they can be incredibly hard to take down.
Their turrets are statistically actually really weak. Dealing a mere 25 damage per shot. It takes 64 shots to fully bring down a Ray III's shield (if equalized properly and thats not counting shield regeneration).

--- Quote ---As for the Hazel, I flew it for a few seconds in I think M21 and hated it immediately. It's like the LSF's Medusa, only with even less primary firepower.
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The Hazel's secondaries are its primaries, whereas its primaries are its secondaries.

--- Quote ---While most of the missions have pretty solid design, some of them got very confusing and difficult to follow. Making more of the mission-critical enemies assigned to hotkeys would go a long way to fixing this problem
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This is a complaint I havent actually heard before (or at least, not that I can recall), as most important targets do have either a hotkey assigned to them or are put on the escort list.

--- Quote --- as would a "beep" sound to indicate incoming messages
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 :confused: every message comes with a sound.

--- Quote --- The missions involving flying into enemy ships both were incredibly disorienting and difficult, mostly due to two things: default FS collision physics, and lighting. The lighting inside the ships is completely featureless due to the limitations of the FS rendering engine, making it difficult to judge contours and distances, and when you strike a wall, you bounce off violently, often hitting another surface, and then another, and then another... A baked glowmap with lights and shadows on the inside of a ship would make orienting oneself inside the Hertak Flagship much easier, and Collision Physics entries in ships.tbl could help curb the bouncing problem and make it more forgiving, especially inside the Cordi Motherships where there is almost no room to maneuver.
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Agreed on the lighting/texture issue but the collision physics you linked are a .13 feature. WoD was released for .12. It simply wasn't there yet when it got released.

Aside from the issues with difficulty that you experienced, I'm glad that you overal enjoyed the experience.

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If this is considered a necro of any kind, I apologize and will delete this post if it'll help.

I have to wonder, however, if the biggest problem with the difficulty/balancing in WoD is that players tend to miss some extremely useful tricks/realizations (while getting others), leaving certain enemies/challenges/missions to be disproportionately difficult in ways that were not anticipated from a design standpoint. I'm not saying it should all be told to the player on a silver platter, but making them more clear/intuitive would possibly make a lot of players' experiences more smooth and consistent, challenge-wise.


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