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Zathras 2.8 Official Release

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StarfuryTH: on earth do I get this running?  I just downloaded and installed TBP, and I've got Zathras 2.8 extracted into \TBP\Zathras, but Zathras 2.8 apparently requires fs2 open 3.70, and the latest TBP build is built on fs2 open 3.69.  Since TBP is a standalone product, I'm not quite sure how to integrate what is now an out-of-date version of fs2 open into the TBP directory.  Do I just need the .exe?

Anyone left here who can help?

General Battuta:
TBP should run fine on any modern FSO build. Aside from Wing Commander Saga, all FSO games run on a common executable; there aren't any 'standalone products' in the sense you mean.

By standalone, I mean the dvd install which does not require you to have any existing FS2 data on your computer.  The TBP files don't get dropped in a subdirectory of FS2 like all of my other mods and run off the main game files, the TBP install is all-inclusive.

However, I did manage to figure it out.  Copied the fs2 3.71 executable from my fs2 directory and figured out how to point the launcher at the new executable.  Runs fine now.


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