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Zathras 2.8 Official Release

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I don't think you lose anything if you go widescreen but the HUD will stretch a little.  Non-stretchy HUD might be in a future update.

Col. Fishguts:
Thanks for putting this together, this adds a lot of polish :yes:

Now I've got the problem that the big explosion shockwaves are completely black (see screenshot) when using the official 3.7.0 exe. Has there been a change the way transparency is handled?

EDIT: It seems to be happening only if 3d-shockwaves are disabled, so its not a big problem.

[attachment deleted by an evil time traveler]

Col. Fishguts:
Another potential bug. In the ships.tbl entry for the EA Omega, you added the "no replace" flag to the 4 engines subsystems:

--- Code: ---$Subsystem: engine01a, 3.5, 0.0
$Alt Subsystem Name: Engine01
$Engine Wash: LargeWash2
$Flags: ( "carry no damage" "no replace" )
$Subsystem: engine02a, 3.5, 0.0
$Alt Subsystem Name: Engine02
$Engine Wash: LargeWash2
$Flags: ( "carry no damage" "no replace" )
$Subsystem: engine03a, 3.5, 0.0
$Alt Subsystem Name: Engine03
$Engine Wash: LargeWash2
$Flags: ( "carry no damage" "no replace" )
$Subsystem: engine04a, 3.5, 0.0
$Alt Subsystem Name: Engine04
$Engine Wash: LargeWash2
$Flags: ( "carry no damage" "no replace" )
--- End code ---

This results in the engine submodels disappearing once destroyed, even though you added "engine01-destroyed" submodels to the POF?

Also, the "fire down normals" flag is making some multipart turrets to fire shots at empty space, for example on the Primus or Warlock.

If I recall the engines are that way because the original model did not have destroyed versions of the engines.  This resulted in some wired effects with the engines if they were repaired during a mission.  As the engines were quite large targets they were tabled with the no replace flag to keep the original behavior so mission balance wouldn't be affected while allowing newer missions to enable the destroyed versions via sexp. 

As for turrets firing into empty space that should not be happening.  Fire down normals should make them only fire when pointed at the target instead of firing one direction while the barrels are pointing another.  Looking at the Primus it seems the turrets are set up correctly in PCS2 so if they are firing at empty space it could be some kind of code issue. 

General Battuta:
Last time I worked with 'fire down normals' it had some odd behavior on multiparts, iirc.


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