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Fan Guide for Terran capital ships


Hey everyone. If at all possible would someone post a list of Terran cap. ships and the technical specs. My game keeps crashing in the database  :mad: and I want to get good look at the skirmisher.

The E:
Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

If the game is crashing, then that is a bug that should not happen.

Black Wolf:
While the crash is a big issue that should be solved, in the meantime you may also be able to get a good look in the ship lab. Press F3 in the mainhall and it'll come up.

just grabbed this from the wiki -

--- Quote ---Name    LSF Skirmisher
Type   Frigate   
Max Velocity    30 ms-1   
Armor    Reflective Armor   
Hitpoints    40 000 pts   
Shields    5500 pts   
Length    294 m   
Turrets    21 turrets

--- End quote ---

or alternatively if you download a vp viewer from FSMods you can open up the mod files and take a look at the tables directly in notepad

Thanks everybody. Turns out it was my old comp., it is dead, so I guess the problem is self correcting. Everything is good now.


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