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What is the music please?

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Does anyone know please? The first track.

Love this video. It's easily my favourite one so far. And the music too.

Also, the second track on this one, the video is in place.

Both tracks are from the 'Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere' OST. The one in the turn 7 video is track #2 (Yukite Ataru Kabe no Mae) of the first CD of the first OST.  The track in the turn 9 video is #17 (Semaru Unmei no Ashioto yo) of the second OST, CD1.

Very much appreciated, thank you. :)

Commander Zane:
Do you have the source for the first track in the final turn video, up to 2:45? I looked through the Horizon OST thinking it might be from that if most other videos used its tracks, but wasn't in either disk.

OST 2, CD2, track 11


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