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What are the immense explosions?


You can see them in the turn videos, but I'm going to highlight the latest one:

There's one at 0:51 beneath the Skirmisher on the right, there's one at 1:05 in the bottom left that engulfs the capital ship there, it actually looks like the capital ship has been obliterated until the fire clears. And at 1:26, the explosion is wider than the Armaggeddon is long!

So I wonder what they are, and if such enormous explosions should be happening outside of capital ships exploding?

Those are caused by Hertak nova missiles, the actual damage isn't impressive but the shockwave should be highly distruptive.

I say should, because its one of those things that may look good on paper but still needs some actual ingame testing. It may or may not actually appear in the game itself. I'm recording those videos with a lot of WiP going on.

Oh, the Hertak got a new toy to play with, eh? Or may have...



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