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Well, then Spoon did. Those covers look just like on Steve-O's ships and weapons, right down to the "explosive" sticker and the yellow arrow.


--- Quote from: bobbtmann on March 16, 2014, 05:14:58 pm ---Keen eyes, Dragon. Keen eyes.

--- End quote ---
Took you almost four years to notice?

If it was there from the start, then you must've been somewhat more subtle about it, though. :) Even if I did see some similarities to Steve-O's ships in your textures (besides CSA missiles...) then I probably chalked it up to "great minds think alike". On the other hand, those plates look like CRF salvaged them off a Wraith/Uriel. :)

Phantom Hoover:
OK uh... that flat red scale texture slapped onto almost every surface is really not doing the model any favours. I'd try to give constructive advice here but given how good your texture work was on Dimensional Eclipse it would feel patronising.

Need more paintjob?


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