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I figured instead of spamming the WoD forum with various WIP topics, I'm going to pull a Scooby and collect them all into one thread from now on. Without further ado, I've got a few projects in mind:

1. The Ray II. I already have an idea what the baseline Ray II looks like (hint: It's what's on the old LSF emblem). Now the question becomes what differences are on the standard vs the JS version?
2. Get some noncombatant ships going on. I have a few ideas here.

First up, the Ray II. Still WIP right now. Mostly used grids and traced around the silhouette. The fuselage is mostly done, though.

Secondly, noncombatants. This one is a little tougher since I have no idea how the logistics are like in WoD versus something like FreeSpace, especially from the perspective of the Hierarchy but a little bit for the Terran and Cyrvans as well. It's probably going to need some discussion.

Well, you've got those recolored FS2 ships in WoD. I'd be glad if you made some replacements for them.

Revised the Ray II design a little bit. Still mostly matches the silhouette.

Closing in on completion.

This is the JS version. New wings were made for both versions (or rather I yoinked them from elsewhere. Can't make wings to save my life).

What is JS?

I wasn't keen on the earlier designs, but the one below the JS one is looking pretty good, and I like the JS one.

It really feels like the previous generation of the Ray now to me. Looking at that and looking at the III, it really looks like a natual progression. I'm a lot more interested in seeing this take shape now. :nod:


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