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Weird CTD in the 11th mission of WoD main campaign (EMP)

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I copied my FSO mod collection to my brother in an usb stick and now some time later he contacted me and said that the 11th mission of Wings of Dawn (where you fly a crappy ship investigating an EMP strike) crashes to desktop (briefing works, but a CTD occurs as soon as the mission is started). Now, I have played through the WoD campaign myself without any problems, so this seemed very puzzling to me. I really tried to urge him to double-check every setting but it was of no use. He has succesfully played a number of other mods, with only Burning Heaven crashing in the first mission.

He gave a log file to me, so I attached it in this post.

The rig of my brother is:

AMD Phenom II X4 955
Radeon 5770 (with a new catalyst driver)
4 GB DDR 3 Memory
Windows 7 X64

[attachment deleted by an evil time traveler]

That's odd. First time I've heard of anyone crashing on that mission. The log does not actually show any kind of crash or error, it just stops after the shaders.
I wish I could help here but I've got nothing...

Is Stranded installed as well?

I had the same problem but it was fixed when I removed the Stranded .vp

He told me that there isn't even a "final error" debug window when the game crashes (although there are some warnings in the tech room), it just crashes without a prompt. That might explain why the debug log file ends so abruptly.

To Orph3us:

Ok, I'll tell him to remove Stranded.vp. However, I just tested that mission myself with Stranded enabled, and I didn't have any problems =/

Luckily, removing Stranded.vp resolved the problem.  :) It's hard to understand why it even would cause a conflict, but it did.

We also noticed that the cheat "skipmemymissionyo" cheat doesn't work properly. The destruction of legitimate process was anticipated, but for some reason it didn't allow to skip missions at all. Only the first mission was offered. Maybe the new pilot code has destroyed the functionality of this cheat?


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