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Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard

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Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard
Be sure to also read the article linked to in the second paragraph. :)

Reading those two articles hit me like wet rag in the face, they were so right.

Sounds about right.
I figure that can also apply to a couple other areas of development past just the code (graphic design, sound design, interface design, etc.) to certain degrees

I invite all of you to take a look back at some of the first things you did after you got off the tutorial rails.
Look upon them with lovecraftian horror at how terrible they are.

I write a lot of code for my job and I can confirm that this article is right on point, especially this image:

Although, having said that, there is always more to be learned about "architecture," best practices, optimization. I would say you're job ready well before that, at least for more entry level jobs. The way I had to do it is start trying to code in high school, get frustrated with how difficult and seemingly weird it was, give up, then come back to it years later after I got a college degree in something different entirely.

I once had to spend almost 3 full days wrestling with a coding project for a college class before I was able to get the damn thing to function properly.  That's about the time I determined that I wouldn't be involved in any sort of career that required programming.


Having read that... maybe I should go back reading through that sexp code ._.


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