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3D printing figurines

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Anyone with a good 3D Printer and got amazing painting skills (assuming 3D Printers do not color as well)? I would be interested to see if someone could print high detail/poly FS1 and FS2 miniature replicas of fighters and capital ships, and fully paint them realistically.; I would buy some. I assume there would be a 'legal' issue...unless done on the down-low.

Would anyone else like to have an Orion or Apollo on their desk?

Scourge of Ages:
Oh yeah, this thing I meant to respond to...

Yes! I would! Can't decide which ship though, maybe an Athena

I don't know if this is still going on:

Alright, well it's clear there's a fair amount of interest in this so I guess I'll have another stab at it.
I'll post an update soon, gotta warm up the printer.

Colonol Dekker:
I'm keen to see the results of this.

Let me know how much a ten inch long Raynor would be. ;)


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