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nukemod sources dump [ancient]

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contrary to popular belief i am not dead, unfortunately.

i was doing some drive cleanup moving old stuff into long term storage. did a dump of all my old mods and sources for stuff i did. anyway its old and idk what the curent state of it was when i abandoned work on it. or the state the scp is or if any of this stuff is useful or will even work. probably the most useful stuff is all my model/texture sources. but i found a lot of lua stuff as well. i packed it into a 1gig 7zip and uploaded it to my google drive. as usual all my **** is public domain (and if theres anything thats not mine in there, my bad). glhf.

obligatory: nuke all the things!

I'll take a look at it~

Nuke, I for one am glad that you're not dead. Good to hear from you again.


Colonol Dekker:
Hail brother GD mod.

Is this a rerelease of the original?

you still kick around these parts dekker? wow. goood to see you again.

it contains the most recent state that nukemod was in when i last worked on it, which feels like eons ago. i also got a lot of other mod folders for scripting experiments i did, many were unreleased and worked with varying degrees of success. for reference the currently installed versions of scp in my freespace folder are 3.6.13-3.7.0.

the model sources are the interesting part. unflattened nukemod textures, my source models, etc. if you wanted to use my stuff but cant because something is broke or can be done in a better way and you don't have the source models to fix it.


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