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If I'm getting right this build will be absolutely new, i.e. separate campaign not stick to anything related in 4.2? Same as no new updates planned for 4.x series? For example, perhabs, some gameplay onces / polish on case player don't have a such a big number of Mad Cats in later missions?

The issue could be resolved, I guess, in particular, if 130 missions were broken, say, not into 2 fragments, but into 4-5.

I've played whole 4.0 from start to end back in the day. Changes in 4.1 were related to other things, seems to. Still didn't check it, same as 4.2 till the moment.

I had a short chat with RizZen in Discord about the new clan invasion campaign. So. Answering here to my questions myself.

1. The new campaign will not be connected in any way with the previous developments.
2. There will be no more updates to the 4.x branch. Version 4.2 is final. In particular, there are no plans to tweak some of the fragility of the balance in later missions, which are mostly done by combining a large number of Mad Cat's. If you don't like that fact - you can download shorter separate campaigns here: All from 5 to 30 missions in total.
3. About 200 unique missions will be released.
4. LipSheZ missions (Repulse project) will be incorporated into Prometheus.

For updates, in particular, you can follow the large Discord channel Everything Battletech -

Sorry for delay, after my vacation RL and business keeping me busy again.

Yeah - that's the correct answer, thank you doom!


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