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Hello All,

I want to introduce the ship interiors project. The goal is to give every flyable ship in FS2 its own unique interior and gauges. This includes vasudan ships. I currently have six ships modeled the Ulysses, Hercules Mark II, Perseus, Erinyes, Tauret, and Myrmidon. Feel free to take these models and use for your own purposes. The reason I am sharing at such an early state is to get feedback and for fixing bugs/discrepencies early. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on the HLP discord. I most likely won't be checking this thread as often.

Some information to orient you on the cockpits. Inside the cockpit all information is mapped to a physical screen except talking head, text, and communications/sqad messages (these are mapped to invisible textures). On your HUD you have some redundancy but also to provide you necessary information without having to go searching for it around the cockpit. The infromation provided on the hud is warning message, threat indicator, ETS gauge, afterburner and weapon energy, target shield, target hull value, your ships hull integrity, your speed, primary weapons (visual no names), secondary weapons (visual no names), and of course the reticle. The reason the HUD has so much info packed into it is so that you can also play in chase view with minimal loss of information and go back to cockpit when details are required.

v0.0.12 is out now!

The current CPs are now prepared for VR and animation
Custom high contrast targeting system (toggle off with alt-9 if you want to use FS2's standard system)
Glass textures have been added
Cockpits now have sway
Toggle cockpit view on and off with alt-0
Removed Generic Cockpit and replaced with my own placeholder until all CPs are modeled

Known Issues

Due to a crash I lost the final textures for the Perseus Cockpit. It is using the first version which has pretty roughed in textures
When not in cockpit view you will not be able to use the communications (squad messages) gauge
When not in cockpit view you will not have the directives or talking head HUD gauges
The "KillZone" targeting system sometimes may leave your target iff as teal and not change back to its original for non fighters/bomber ships. (currently working on a fix)

Youtube links

Killzone Targeting System Explanation:
v0.0.6 update:
v0.0.11 update:

I hope you enjoy and look forward to any feedback

Knossos link:

Very cool. :yes:

I recommend rehosting the images somewhere as soon as you have a chance.  Attachments are purged from the forum periodically.

Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware. I’ll be sure to do so soon and update the post.

Nice project! But, I think there is no need to move the whole HUD along with the head, you need to leave the main part in front, and a small part with the most important information can be moved with a look.
Can you make a lock of target under the crosshand with turning the head?

Thanks. My intent was that it would be a display on the pilots visor so no matter where you look you have necessary information available to you, but I was not tied to that idea really so I am not opposed to changing that. If I do it will be mapped to invisible textures so it’s useful in VR. I guess what information do you see necessary to move with head movement? What do you mean by lock of target?


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