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FRED 2_OPEN "Currently Active Campaign Cannot Be Found" issue.

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Hi everyone.

So, I've been playing mods on FS2 Open for a while now and I was thinking of getting into modding, starting off with the mission editor.

Just have a slight problem.

Now I'll admit I'm not the most tech savvy person and I'm not very good with, at all. But when I try and load the generic "duel.fs2" level you're tasked with creating in the "Using FRED2" document in FS2 Open through Knossos, I get the following message:

"The Currently Active Campaign Cannot Be Found. Please Select Another..."

And when you try and select the mission, it doesn't show up.

I've probably just got the file in the wrong location. I have FRED 2 and "duel.fs2" working for the regular FS2 off GOG, but Open doesn't work. Document says it should automatically save in the right directory, but it just defaults to the documents folder.

Would anyone know how to fix this. If so, it is most appreciated. I hope I don't come across as an idiot with such a simple issue.

Did you create the capaign with the vanilla FRED or with the FRED-Open?


--- Quote from: PeterX on December 29, 2023, 12:40:54 pm ---Did you create the capaign with the vanilla FRED or with the FRED-Open?

--- End quote ---

I have made two version, one for each FRED instance.

Same issue at first, but I've got a step closer with the open version. Moved the file to Games/FreespaceOpen/FS2/Data and that's resolved the whole "Cannot Be Found" issue. But it still doesn't show up in the campaign list.

Thank you for the help so far though.

Single missions do not appear in the campaign room.  You'll need to go into the tech room, click on Mission Simulator, and then make sure you are looking at the Single Missions list.

And you'll need to put the mission in data/missions, not data.  Finally you can't move files around while FSO is running; you will have to exit FSO and restart for it to see any file in its new location.

I forgot to say. If you want to see it as campaign,then try to make a folder of your campaign with that name in the FS2 folder of the Freespaceopen.
put the FS2 files and FC files ant the mod.json file into that folder.


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