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Electronics flag not working?


Shivan Hunter:
Is this flag not supposed to shut down all turrets on a ship for some amount of time? Is there anything weird required for it to work? (Do I have the syntax wrong?)

Take this test-wep.tbm:

--- Code: ---#Secondary Weapons

$Name: @Trebuchet
$Flags: ( "player allowed" "Bomber+" "huge" "electronics" )
    +New Style:
    +Lifetime: 15000
    +Engine Multiplier: 1.0
    +Weapon Multiplier: 2.0
    +Beam Turret Multiplier: 2.5
    +Sensors Multiplier: 2.0
    +Randomness Time: 1000

--- End code ---

Specifically what I'm seeing is:

Fire it at a ship, this causes the engines to shut down and "Disrupted" to be displayed on the HUD, but turrets do not stop firing.

Any successive times I use it in the same mission, it doesn't do anything - "Disrupted" is not displayed and even engines remain on.

FSO bug?

[EDIT] Using 23.2.1

[EDIT] Some further testing:

With MediaVPs (4.7.2), the ship is disrupted each time, but only (it seems) if I target the turret on the very back of the ship - other target locations seem to not work at all. Engines and flak turrets respect disruption, but blobs and AAA turrets keep firing. I can't make the "only works the first time" thing happen again, and may have just been from me trying different subsystems to shoot.

With no MediaVPs, the enemy ship (a Mentu) is never disrupted at all. (Edit3: Wait, engines don't visibly turn off, and "Disrupted" isn't shown in the HUD, but flak turrets do shut off each time. Edit4: "Disrupted" shows up, but very rarely. The back turret is still the only reliable "weak spot". It seems somewhat random whether it works or not.)

EDIT5: lulz

I tested the D-Missile in the FSPort and it worked as expected, so I would suggest experimenting with the various attributes of the missile.

Shivan Hunter:
Just tested in the Port - FSO 23.2.1, Port 3.7.1, no MVPs, the warship gauntlet mission and the original D-missile.

Are destroyers supposed to resist the effect? It reliably (as far as I could tell) worked on all the cruisers, but the destroyers never stopped firing their turrets. Sometimes they didn't even show "Disrupted" and the yellow lightning, but sometimes they did. Sometimes it looked like the missile clipped through the model instead of hitting a polygon, but I was never quite sure of that.

I haven't tried the D-Missile against destroyers recently.  I assume it should work but you might have to hit it in a few places.  You might also need to use "aoe electronics" instead.

EDIT: The HUD only prints "Disrupted" if the engine is disrupted, so turrets might be disrupted without you realizing it.

Shivan Hunter:
>turrets might be disrupted without you realizing it.

Possible, especially because the old-style effect can last for as little as 2 seconds. Tbh I think I'll just use my FRED solution, that way I can make it last longer on cruisers than destroyers using two separate events.


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