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Sure, why not? You can also randomize the initial hull strength to make each playthrough unique. Do you want me to play the mission now or your prefer to get the final version done, first?

Now's good. :) Rather have feedback now than have the last mission I make be unnecessarily buggy.

A few things I should do but haven't:
Remove Guardian from Alpha 2 and 3.
Turn all waves into wings
Give Shivan fighters order to attack all instead of targetting Alpha Wing*

*Might make the mission too easy, but lots of ships start leaving, anyway.

The link isn't working... :(


Maintenance Progress:
Scheduled time: 12:30pm to 11:59pm CST      

Looks live I'll have to wait...

Oh. It works now. :) I'll wait 'til you're done.

Nice work, I can see the improvements over the previous version since the very beginning of the mission. :)

1) You definitely need to add more messages to let the player "feel" the battle. :)

2) Better arrangement through the Y axis is also welcome.

3) There's a line in the briefing which IMHO should be "rest of the fleet" instead. I may be wrong, though.

4) I think you should reduce the number of Shivan ships located far away (one Ravana, a couple of corvettes and less than five cruisers would surely be enough), as they slow down the game very often. Also, don't forget to arrange them to the Y axis, the way they're currently sorted is not that realistic IMO.

5) Many allied ships are disabled during the battle, so you may wish to a) add "we're doomed!" like messages and/or b) prevent at least some them from being disabled.

6) At the end of the mission, Command sends a message starting with "Command! The Shivans are asending out bombers [...]" or something similar. I'm pretty sure Command isn't supposed to be the source of that message.

7) The player can still warp out at any time, even if he's not near the node. For plot-related reasons, this needs to be fixed. :nod:

8) At some point, the Julius is safe enough for Alpha to contribute to the defense of other Terran ships in the area. This is not a must-do, anyway, so feel free to ignore this. Now that I think of it... why there aren't any Vasudan ships in the mission? ;)


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