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Etemenanki - A translation tool for FreespaceOpen!


I already shared this on the Discord but I thought it'd be prudent to put here as well. I've created a tool to help with creation and maintaining of XSTR IDs for mods called Etemenanki.

The application scans an entire directory recursively using provided Regular Expressions to find translatable strings and will verify the string ID is valid and doesn't conflict with another ID. It will provide new IDs if necessary and it will make sure all matching strings use the same ID.

It will then modify the IDs in the mod files and print out a valid tstrings.tbl for you.

--Version 1.1--
*Regex checkboxes for easy toggling

--Version 1.2--
*Adds output file sorting options
*Comprehensive scanning (scan first, then edit files making sure to not cause ID conflicts when generating new IDs)
*Ability to fill in numerical ID gaps
*Read only mode that prints the output file with all IDs exactly as they are
*Ability to ignore files and directories

--Version 1.3--
*Adds ability to handle new lines in regex searches
*Adds ability to specify ID numbers to skip during ID generation

You can read more about it on the Github Repo.


Oh, nice!

Just haivng an automated check that all SIDs are unique is big for getting rid of some headaches. And could be very useful, even beyond localisation.

Looking forward to inclusing of output sorting options; it is the closest thing we are probably will be getting to categorisation in SIDs as, to my knowledge, these are stictly numerical in FSO.

Published 1.2 which covers all the remaining ideas I had for this app. Let me know if you find bugs or want some other feature.

Published 1.3 which resolves that last remaining issue that prevented it from handling Regexs that accounted for new lines.


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