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Couple of questions. First off, are the Vasudans going to gain weapon technology along with the Terrans? (i.e. will they develop new weapons, unlike the Shivans in FS.) Secondly, will Vasudan missiles just be Terran missiles? (also as in the game)

Has this been asked before and I just can't find it?

Should I not have asked?

Should this be it the FAQ?
     Duh, I'm an idiot.

That has yet to be determined.  We'll need to finish Chapter 1 (which is currently on hold) first.

Yeah, can't wait.


How does it feel to have nearly 10,000 posts?

Exhausting. :(


Freespace Freak:
I've always felt that the 'laser turrets' (more like plasma bursts) that we see in FS1 are non-Terran in origin.  Big blobs of yellow things is not what I'd think of when I hear "human weapons."  I always kind of felt that the laser turrets were invented by the Vasudans, while Humans still used archaic solid projectile weaponry.  During the intial stages of the war, the Terrans could have realized that their weapons had difficulty penetrating the hulls of Vasudan ships.  Vasudan "lasers" could be heavily ionized gases composed of heavy metals.  The gas is made by superheating metals with ultra-powerful lasers until they have been energized to a point that the outer most shells of the atoms are completely stripped of their electrons.  Using very intense magnetic fields, this gas is compressed and ejected out the barrel.  Because they are heavily ionized, the gas stays coallesed and coherent for long distances.  It is so dense and super hot that when it impacts the hulls of capital ships or even fighters in instantly vaporizes the hull.  Making them far more effective than the traditional solid projectile weapons that humans have used since the beginning of humanity.

At least that was my idea.   :P


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