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Wikipedia on Tungsten

--- Quote from: Wikipedia ---In armaments, tungsten, usually alloyed with nickel and iron or cobalt to form heavy alloys, is used in kinetic energy penetrators as an alternative to depleted uranium but may also be used in cannon shells, grenades and missiles to create super-sonic shrapnel. High-density alloys of tungsten may be used in darts (to allow for a smaller diameter and thus tighter groupings) or for fishing lures (tungsten bead heads allow to sink the fly rapidly).

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Wikipedia on Phalanx CWIS

--- Quote from: Wikipedia ---The velocity of the rounds once fired is approximately 3,600 feet per second (1,100 m/s). The rounds are armor piercing tungsten penetrator rounds with discarding sabots.
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Warfighters Encyclopedia Naval Surface Guns

--- Quote from: --- Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS); Tungsten sub-caliber penetrator

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Wikipedia on Depleted Uranium

--- Quote from: Wikipedia ---As a byproduct of uranium enrichment, DU became less expensive than other high-density ordnance candidates including tungsten in the 1960s. As the next best candidate, tungsten had to be obtained from China. With DU stockpiles estimated to be more than 500,000 tons, it was more economical to use depleted uranium than store it. Thus, from the late 1970s, the U.S., the Soviet Union, Britain, and France began converting their stockpiles of depleted uranium into kinetic energy penetrators.

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AZmaterials on Tungsten applications: Bullets

So you see, Tungsten is used a lot in bullets and more advanced KEPs

Well tungsten carbide works too.

It's true

Tungsten Guns
DU Guns
Diamond Guns

Those all are feasible.

What we have today is:

Lead guns
Tungsten guns
Tungsten Carbide guns
Depleted Uranium guns

But I suspect that they would use HEAT round equivalents, as that is what fighters from WWII used, and fighters have continued to use.

Actually in WWII they used combinations of normal bullets, Incindiary, and HEAT.

But all this is about it changing the weapon hit effect for TVWP... and possibly the impact explosion.


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