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If You mean how his post is dated "1926"? I noticed that...Does that mean that he's doing the time warp?...
Or does it mean that the number "1926" have some significance to our problem?
 Hmmm...This reminds me of that game on the Bonus disc of the X-Files Season DVD boxset...
If anyone here has played that game they'll notice the similarities...I enjoy games like that
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Trust me, I'd love to be on the inside of this thing looking out...but the star is just for being a good little moderator. :p
that's just a cover I bet. He has too many "sources". I think he is sending him PMs.


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...wait, what?  I've never had any access to anything that wasn't available to anyone in here.  The few PMs I did receive from Goober were in response to asking specific questions or making specific comments, which anyone else could have done as well, and I shared any relevant information that was in them.  As people in the HLP IRC channel found out, Goober was very willing to share information (or at least small tidbits of it) if he was asked the right questions.

And no offense to you personally, but considering how late in the game we are, I think it would have done you a whole lot of good to skim through the entire folder backlog to see exactly what we've done and how much we've learned.  It's not as though there are a whole lot of threads in here; it wouldn't take you that long to get through all of them.


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