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--- Quote from: Backslash on February 22, 2008, 08:38:18 pm ---So hang on, which ship would you be pointing at?

Oooh!  Do you mean, you'd have one ship targeted and waiting for a missile lock, meanwhile firing primaries at another ship visible on the screen?  so you'd want a lead indicator for the second ship?  'cos I'm working on that :D

--- End quote ---

im pointing at the ship with my primaries,
 im hopefuly at the same time using the pov on my joystick to target my secondaries,
which is a different ship or the same,(would just like the choice)
 this of course is done while rolling a cigarette,
 answering the telephone and playing on insane level with no respawns ,


 ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D

Speaking of targeting, I think the lead indicator estimation thing I described here should be made a high priority. This should considerably improve aiming for non-hosts without requiring any netcode changes. An experienced player can make a pretty good guess of where to shoot based on how fast his target is and his current ping, but the game should really be doing that automatically.

How about a better way of handling mission files.  Something that manages what the newest version of a mission is and gives a warning to the host if he has an old version and to the client if his version is newer and going to be overwritten.  As it is now even if the files are packed in a vp an old version floating around in someones mission directory can start overriding the newer ones. 

Fubar, that's a superb idea.

One thing I noticed (or overlooked) was that you can't host a game without playing in it. A feature like that would help people with older PC's wanting to host a game and play on a second computer. I tried a few quick LAN games on my old P2 400, just running retail (neither launcher nor game would open--it couldn't find a new DirectX version).


Free-standing server option


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