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"Refight the first insterstellar war of Freespace"

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Wouldn't that be the Ancient-Shivan war?

Maybe the first known interstellar war in the FS universe, but since Humans didn't participate the TV war is still the first one for us, apart from the unification, but since it's all in one starsystem it's "just" a local war one could argue.
Besides you are there in the unification war in TVWP...

What if there had been countless races, stretching back into infinity... and like the nine cities of Troy, each civilization had been built on the rubble of the one that came before, each annihilated by the Shivans.

Where would you start?

Sometime a bit after the Big Bang. Then the first Shivan atoms nuke some other atoms.

"Refight the first interstellar war with terrans of FreeSpace"


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