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A little theory: missing Chronos cargo container

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This little thought sprung to mind while thinking about the cargo containers in Freespace, and i thought i'd put it up here as it would apply to the TVWP-era canon.

Since the Chronos was in TVWP demo but not the Poseidon, i've come to assume that TVWP canon sees the former as designed before the latter.  However, i was a little confused that the Terran "Standard" container (TSC2), which appears to be their most commonly used one, is designed to fit the as-of-then undesigned Poseidon's docking arms, while only the TAC1, which is better armoured but used less often, fits the old Chornos. Why didn't the GTA make TAC1 the standard, and why would the standard container not fit the standard terran freighter?

Today however, i noticed the numbers of the crates; TSC2, TAC1, and it got me thinking that maybe the number is the crate's model; so the first crate is the Terran Standard Cargo model 2.

If the numbers do have this meaning, and it could be predicted from the numbers that in the TVWP-era there existed a TSC1, whose shape would fit the Chronos and from which the TAC1 was derived. It worked well for the Chronos but as the Poseidon wouldn't fit it well they made a new crate to fit the new feighter. It would also mean that at some point a TAC2 might exist, which would be an armoured container for the Poseidon. The TTC (and in FS2 time the TC-TRI) is a crate with a different purpose and the first of its kind, hence its model being 1 despite not being Chornos-made.

So yeah, just a little canon idea i thought might interest. Your welcome to use or ignore as you wish.

Excellent theory. :yes:  We may use something like this. :)

The "real world" reason why the Standard Container has the current dimensions is that we didn't have a modeller available to stretch it. :p

The Standard Container isn't standard at all.

The TSC 2 is a super heavily armored version of the TC 2.


--- Quote from: Snail on August 05, 2009, 02:55:54 pm ---The Standard Container isn't standard at all.

The TSC 2 is a super heavily armored version of the TC 2.

--- End quote ---

Terran Superarmored Cargo 2?

I thought it was Terran Scientific Cargo, per the tech room description.


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