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Or something ;)

Anyway, the FSF thread seems to be getting long, and there are people who are playing in the thread who may not want to actually be counted as participants.

So, if you want to be "in this thing" send an email to [email protected], I'll tally em up, and hand over the list to whoever ends up being in charge.

What would be helpful in this email:
Your name
Your resume (even if there's nothing techncal on it, if nothing aelse a list of projects in the community you have worked on if any. Even a being grocery bagger tells a project lead something, probably means you can take crap from people with a smile, for example ;)).
Your portfolio or link to it
What you want to do on a project like FSF (I'll keep project leads in a seperate pile, we'll figure that out later).

Anything else you have in mind.

Someone needs to go thru the FSF thread and grab all the design elements and list of decisions that needs made. IF this doesn't get done, I suppose I can do it, but that would not bode well for this project in terms of interest :) So, and PLEASE someone else think about being a volunteer.

Where's my coffee...

email sent :nod:

sorry if i missed this, but what is fsf?

Freespace Forever, there's a 4 page topic on it a few threads down :)

thats one hard thing to miss... THE FREESPACE FOREVER PROJECT


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